12 Ways To Bring The Herringbone Pattern Into Your Home

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The distinctive look of the herringbone pattern has popularized it in the interior design world and it’s actually not surprising to see how many different uses are for it. The versatility of this classical pattern is not limited to flooring or to a particular style. The herringbone pattern has become timeless and today we’re showing you some interesting ways in which you can add it to your own interior design, exploring a series of truly inspiring ideas that might even change the way you perceive this simple pattern.

Classic wooden floors

The matte herringbone floor looks amazing in this bedroom, giving it a warm and welcoming look but maintaining a simplistic and modern appearance at the same time. Notice the proportions of the floor boards and the slight difference in color, also meant to emphasize the chic contemporary decor.{found on olympiatile}

Far from being outdated, herringbone floors are a great option for modern and contemporary spaces where they are capable of creating a warm, inviting and comfortable atmosphere to complement the otherwise simple and bare white walls and ceilings that often define such spaces. A nice example is the residence designed by Residential Attitudes near Perth, in Australia.

Kitchen backsplash

Herringbone backsplashes are almost as popular as the flooring style we just mentioned. They have a classic and elegant look and they’re timeless. Check out this contemporary kitchen and its chic and airy look created by Design Squared. It’s simple without being monotonous and that’s a perfect combo.

Herringbone kitchen floor

Usually, we see herringbone flooring being popular in living rooms and bedrooms but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to those options only. In fact, a great idea is to take advantage of the warm and inviting look that this type of flooring adds and to imprint it on areas that need it, like the kitchen for example. Check out these porcelain tiles that mimic wood from Minoli…they’re just what a kitchen needs.

Herringbone accent wall

You can add the same warmth and comfort that herringbone floors offer to a room but in a different form by changing the strategy. One idea is to create a wood-paneled accent wall using boards arranged in a herringbone pattern, as beautifully demonstrated here by Studio Revolution. It’s a great look for a bedroom.

Tiled bathroom wall

Bathroom tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern can look beautiful too. In fact, this is a look that suits them well and there are all sorts of interesting variations to consider. In this particular case the proportions highlight the pattern even more and the color is a nice fit for this style.

Herringbone tile walls are an excellent option for bathroom of all types and sizes because harmonise the decor in a great way. They’re practical, moisture-resistant, easy to clean and nice to look at plus there are all sorts of great colors, textures and designs to choose from. A nice example is this lovely powder room look completed by John McClain Design.

Herringbone shower

Since you have to install tiles in the shower anyway you might as well arrange them in a nice-looking pattern. You can keep things simple without making your design look boring if you opt for herringbone shower tiles. You can extend the look for the walls and floor to create a continuous, uniform look. Let this design by Cherie Lee Interiors inspire you.

Fireplace surround tiles

Apply the herringbone pattern when installing a fireplace tile surround. You can choose tiles that mimic the look of wood to create a warm and cozy look but you can also play with other interesting combinations and even mix and match various colors.

Herringbone floors outdoor

Herringbone flooring is not limited to indoor spaces. The versatility of this pattern lets you take it outside where you can create a nice patio using paver bricks or tiles that can be arranged in all sorts of cool patterns, including this one. This particular look suits a more traditional patio.

DIY herringbone projects

Some projects require the help of a professional but others are easy enough to become DIY tasks. For example, installing a herringbone accent wall in your bedroom might be something you’d be able to pull off by yourself. It’s a fairly simple project and a great makeover idea. You can find out all the details along with instructions and tips in the tutorial shared on kristimurphy.

Here’s a project that you probably didn’t expect to see in this list: a herringbone dining table. It’s something that you can build yourself and which requires quite a bit of planning and attention to detail. However, once you’re done the result is amazing and worth all the effort. If you’re interested in the idea, check out realitydaydream to find out more about the project and everything required for it.

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