Daring Home Decor: Neon Lights For Every Room

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The lights are an essential part of every room; whether they are the defining factor in setting the mood or just part of the decoration, they have the superpower of bringing the best out of a room. Today we are focusing on neon lights, mainly as an element of daring decoration for anyone who loves an interior with a bit of edge. Seek the inspiration in the neon lights below and let the ideas illuminate your mind!

Neon Lights Within A Bedroom

The place where you rest and sleep should have a special lighting that wakes up in you the feelings of serenity, but at the same time still feels unique and dynamic. The last thing you want is to be bored by your bedroom decor. Neon lights are a creative way of making your bedroom look innovative and mystic, when all the other lights are off and the neon lights are illuminating the dimmed room!

This gentle bedroom by Style Made Simple is made outstanding by the neon sign above the bed that spells amourand so entirely fits with the rosy, love-like interior!

A perfect way to uniquely decorate a bedroom for two children is with neon lights that seem as an extension of the headboard, just like you see at Casinha Colorida.

Do you find the normal bed lights too mainstream and want to decorate your bedroom with something more eccentric? A neon light is the right choice, as seen on Apartment Therapy.

Children will love the neon lights because of their brightness and therefore the magical ability to keep the monsters away! Pick out a funky motive, like this Pac-Man neon light by Electric Confetti and see how your child feels about his newly illuminated room!

Hang up a neon crescent for the perfect slumber under the beautiful, radiating moon all days of the month, even when she is nowhere to be seen in the sky. This styling by Apartment Therapy, bringing together a brick wall and neon lights, works exceptionally well!

In a vast loft apartment, one needs a focal point; something that gives the rest of the place a purpose! A big, bright, pulsing neon sign couldn’t be a better choice! It clearly marks the bedroom corner but highlights the entire living space too! See for yourself, at Housely.

Kitchen and Dining Space Illuminated by Neon

Visible, vibrant neon signs give off the feeling of a classic bar and you can bring some of that devilish vibe right into your kitchen or dining room. Don’t settle for plain dining corners and bland kitchens – dare to highlight your home’s best features by lighting them up in neon lights and eating in the glow of their colorful light.

Spice up your dining place with a bright and sassy neon sign – preferably one that will always make you crave your favorite food! We love how the pink neon lights go with the gentle rosy table! Picture found at Photobucket.

Oh la la indeed! This dining room by Inside Out wouldn’t be what it is without the bright magenta neon sign breaking the stream of white decor, adding some much needed color into the room!

A darker dining corner is the perfect territory for neon lights! Creating a pub-like atmosphere it is a truly inspiring, cozy space to dine in! See it up close at Apartment Therapy.

Neon Workspace Inspiration

Our workspace should be an inspiring and creative place where we come in touch with our game-changing ideas every single day! Make sure that your ideas never run dry by decorating the space where you spend most of your day with bright and energetic neon lights!

The great thing about neon signs is that you can easily use them in the place of motivational posters in your creative corner or home office, like this example by Miss Moss.

If you work from home, or just like to have a creative space set up, you know that staying inspired is the key. There’s something about these fluorescent lights against a plain white wall that ignite the innovative energy! Picture by Urban Outfitters.

Neon lights have the full capacity to blend in with the environment you put them in. They don’t have to be too crazy if you don’t wish them to be and can work really well with a subtle, tender decor. A beautiful example is this tiny working corner by Electric Confetti.

Purposed Little Corners With Neon Signs

Every home has a few specially decorated corners that radiate and stand out in any room they are a part of. Those are the small places that seem insignificant or random at first look, but with carefully chosen decor, such as dazzling neon lights, you can bring out the best of them.

Let Urban Outfitters show you how neon lights can make the best of the dedicated little corners in our living space, for example a retro music spot or a little space for all of your family’s old photographs. Allow the warm neon lighting to wake up the nostalgia!

If you absolutely can’t get enough of all things pink, have a neon sign radiate the vivid color in a little corner dedicated to all things girly! Idea by Refinery 29.

Having a neon house number is definitely unconventional, but it channels the spirit of a secluded bar with a big neon sign inviting you in! This neon exterior idea by bright designlab will make your doorway look significantly more welcoming!

Hugs and kisses, for you and your significant other, shining brightly in neon lights, illuminating a romantic corner of the room where you can keep the artifacts of your love!

While neon lights in bathrooms surely aren’t common, there’s nothing stopping you from giving them a go and creating something never-seen-before, like the white restroom corner at The Every Girl; keeping close to the overall color scheme but nonetheless changing the bathroom game!

Living Rooms and Neon Lights Perfection

A living room is a place of socializing, relaxing, spending time with your family, laughing and simply, as the name suggests, living. If you want to make your living room feel exhilarating and alive, don’t hold back on the neon lights – especially if they come in a form of a witty or personal sign, displaying words of wit and wisdom!

However bright your living room may be, there’s always room for some neon lights to add a little extra lighting and create a dynamic space with an entertaining neon sign!

Transforming your living room from random to romantic can happen with a simple addition of a glowing neon sign that is radiating red light, instantly creating a passionate atmosphere. The Daily Mail went into Tamara Ecclestone’s 57-room, £70 million mansion in London if you want to read more about it.

A neatly decorated living room in a gentle color scheme can only benefit from neon lights and their incredible talent of making the room seem more dynamic and lively! We love this styling found at Emily Mughannam.

The beauty of neon decor is the freedom of being able to personalize it and therefore really make it fit your home and be a significant part of your household. See this beauty at Flat 15.

A sweet little space in your living room, stating a welcome to everyone who enters it, is something neon lights can do with class and charisma! If you want to extend the radiating light, go ahead and add a small golden decor element, like the pineapple we can see at A Dash Of Fash.

By Miss Moss


Even a quiet reading space will benefit from some neon lighting, but perhaps – if aiming for a serene environment – opt for the lights of more subtle color and a neutral shape. Perfect for daydreaming, when your head’s in the clouds, only a little neon light hanging above you will suffice.

Here’s another red and romantic living room that is almost designed for eternal romantics and their soulmates! When love is the way of life, this charming living room with a blinding neon sign is the place to be! Picture by Le Book.

In a neutral living room a neon sign is the balancing element, spicing up the gray decor and allowing the room to carry an air of youth! We totally fell in love with this one at Architectural Design and can call it a feature favourite. How about you?

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