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Little Delights: 20 Contemporary Side and End Tables to Swoon Over

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Minute details make a big difference to the larger picture and it is ultimately the smaller design and decorating choices that define the style of your home. It is the couch, coffee table and the TV unit that might largely set the mood in your living room, but you still need a cool end table or side table to truly complete the setting. Despite their seemingly modest presence, end tables make your life a whole lot easier even while adding another unique dimension to the living space. Often overlooked, these versatile additions also find a place beyond just the corner next to the couch!

Geo design of the end tables with black and white flair

A smart side table or end table is a space-savvy choice that is as much about aesthetics as it is about practicality. While there are endless choices around, we have today the 20 best and latest side and end tables out there that pack a big punch despite their small size. Delve in and find out which one works best in your own living room –

End Tables Bringing Textural Charm

Yes, an end table allows you to place you put down your favorite page thriller, your smartphone and that drink you are sipping next as you relax in your comfy sofa. But there is much more to picking the right end table than just size. You can choose an end table that either blends in with the color scheme and style of your living room or feels like an entirely oblique addition that ushers in contrast and curiosity. A smart end table with golden glint is a great choice for contemporary living rooms which need some sparkle and metallic zest.

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Innovative wood and glass end tables from ponsel
Metallic end table brings matte golden glitter to the neutral living room
Series of end tables with metallic dazzle from Vibieffe

The wooden end table with its rustic finish feels as much at home in modern homes as it does in traditional and farmhouse settings. Combine raw wood with glass and you have an even more elegant and exceptional side table that draws instant attention. Those looking for a bit more ‘luxury’ can opt for a side table with marble top and slim metallic base.

Smart and round end table also can double as bedside table
Smart nesting tables from Haslev
Combine different end tables to create geo style
End table in the living room corner with table lamp

The Bare Minimum

We love minimal end tables that seem to slot in even into the tiniest of spaces with ease! When you need just a bit of room for your champagne glass, smartphone and not much else, then these ultra-sleek and refined end tables are absolutely perfect. Bloomingville give their round and slim end tables a Nordic finish while the Twin Occasional Tables from Cor seem like they belong on a sci-fi movie set. Be it is the uber-minimal end table from Jori or innovative side tables from Hulsta, each of these trendy tables is a masterpiece in itself.

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Fabulous new armhair and small end table from leolux for the cozy reading nook
Minimal and contemporary end tables from Hulsta
Modular sofa and slim side table from Jori
Twin Occasional Tables from Cor furniture
Unassuming end tables can be combined to create a cool coffee table
Exquisite Nordic decor from Bloomingville

Curvy and Classy

The round end table is undoubtedly the most popular among its clan. And it is easy to understand why as the circular table top offers geometric contrast in modern living rooms, bedrooms and home offices where clean straight lines dominate the setting. A small, round end table next to a relaxing lounger can provide the perfect refuge for a bibliophile when coupled with a snazzy floor lamp. Another hip trend is to combine two or three of these small side tables to create a coffee table that is unique and can multi-task.

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Elegant sectional coupled with end tables in wood
Ethimo brings a series of outdoor decor and smart lighting
Gorgeous Nordic decor from Artisan
Leather lounger coupled with wooden end tables in the living room
Round end tables from Ethnicraft
Circular end tables in white, gray and blue

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