Novel Trends: 75 Dazzling Lighting Ideas to Fall in Love With

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There are few things more fun to shop for than lighting fixtures if you know exactly what you need and love. The delightful world of pendants, sconces, recessed lights, chandeliers and floor and table lamps seems endless, enthralling and eternally radiant! Every day you stumble upon something new and with each passing year and season there are new trends that both replace the old and enhance the existing fixtures. With that in mind, we have compiled the best and trendiest lighting fixtures and inspirations that are set to rule the decorating world in 2017.

Wide range of lighting fixtures from KARE

Nothing defines an interior like the right lighting. It can make or break the look of a room, revamp its ambiance, set the mood and give it an instant makeover without major overhauls. This is precisely why we always emphasize on getting the lighting spot on. Add it the idea of contemporary lighting fixtures doubling as sculptural and artistic pieces and the idea of an upgrade is even more appealing.

Here are 75 glittering inspirations that we spotted at IMM Cologne 2017 – an event that sets the decorating trends each year. This is a visual feast you simply do not want to miss!

Enthralling World of Pendants

If you have not already heard about it, then pendants have been undoubtedly the undisputed royalty of the lighting world for a while now. No matter what the style of your home is, there is a pendant light out there that is perfect for you. Those not really sure interested in making bold choices can opt for modern icons like Beats by Tom Dixon or the likes of Swirl and Cache from Le Klint.

Handmade bohemian glass pendants crafted to perfection

The handmade bohemian glass pendants from BROKIS are equally captivating while &tradition aims to combine simplicity with color and contemporary aesthetics. From Danish and Scandinavian design to those with Mediterranean zest and minimal style, there is plenty to choose from here.

Sparkling pendant lights bring home holiday cheer by combining the charm of globe lamps with string lighting
Cascading chadelier with a spellbinding aura is set to steal the show everywhere

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Array of Styles and Hues

Diversity of styles and hues is always a key element that lets you pick a piece of furniture of lighting fixture that exactly fits in with the existing style and theme of your home. This is precisely what the next section offers with lamps that vary from the stunning hand blown glass delights of the SkLO: LIT collection to the industrial table lamps from dizainar that also usher in a touch of steampunk!

Perfect indusrial style table lamp from Dizainar

If you wish to go down the simpler path, then there are the Edison bulb pendants that are currently a hot trend or even sculptural masterpieces that seem less like a lamp and more like a work of art. You will be amazed by the sheer ingenuity and versatility on display!

Lighting fixtures from SkLO can also add color and brightness to the interior with ease
Move beyond traditional pendats for a chic modern look

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Best Floor Lamps Out There!

Dashing floor lamp coupled with Danish design by Karup

It is easy to get caught up in the dazzle and the oomph of pendants and forget that floor lamps are an equally essential part of the perfect home jigsaw. The tripod floor lamp has been making a huge comeback in the last few seasons and coupled with the idea of oversized lighting fixtures, you have the perfect solution for that dark and lonely corner in the living room or bedroom. Smart floor lamps from La Forma and the charming Dutch designs from pode grab your attention instantly even as the sleek and slender variants from Karup and Masterlight have a space-savvy and ultra-minimal vibe.

Slim and space-savvy floor lighting fixtures in black fit into pretty much any style you have going at your home
Tripod floor lamps in the corner make a big visual impact with ease

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Contrasting Silhouettes and Geo Trend

We already alluded to the fact that lighting fixtures in modern time shave gone way beyond being just a source of illumination. They are a great way in which you can usher in visual and textural contrast, break the monotony brought in by the excessive use of simple, straight lines and add something unique to a mundane contemporary home. Pendants and floor lamps in various shapes and sizes can everything ranging from a complex geometric pattern to a simple sphere that makes a big impact!

Geometric pendant light from Leolux

A classic that never fails is the series of Akari Light Sculptures from Isamu Noguchi. If the classics do not do the trick, then try out something trendier. From the flowery lighting fixtures from Vita to those with geo radiance from Piet Hein Eek and Leolux, you can opt for one that accentuates the style of your living room elegantly even while offering plenty of variation in terms of its silhouette and finish.

Pendant with origami-inspired design
Handmade pendants with geo flair from Brokis

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Latest in Bedside Lighting

Lighting is the crucial element that makes a bedroom truly special, relaxing and turns it into a personal sanctuary where you can rest and rejuvenate. Bedside lighting is world that is largely dominated by table lamps and there is no dearth of inspiration in this regard! But think beyond the obvious and turn to resourceful space-savers like sconce lights fixed to the extended headboard to revamp your small and cluttered bedroom. Bedside pendants also offer plenty of design flexibility and allow you to explore an entirely new design dynamic.

Swirly design ofthe chic bedside lamps give the bedroom a chic, glam vibe

In case you are still adamant about going down the classic path and using bedside tables along with beautiful table lamps for that ‘picture-perfect’ look, then considering twin lamps that usher in symmetry and a sense of cohesion. Choosing a table lamp with a shade that adds to the color scheme of the bedroom is another smart way to shop for that ideal bedside lamp.

Dashing contemporary bedroom with geo style bedside pendants
Ingenious floor lamp next to bedroom with industrial style moves away from the mundane

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75 scintillating and sensational inspirations to choose from – which one do you love the most?

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