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Color and Creativity: 10 Ways to Bring the Nursery Alive with a Snazzy Rug

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The nursery is a unique place where activity and relaxation go hand-in-hand. Your little one needs a space that offers a proper balance between vibrant stimulation and soothing calm even as the tiny tot starts to explore the world and its many wonders! Modern nurseries are often rooms with a neutral background, allowing them to evolve with changing trends and needs. A neutral backdrop also lets the room grow along with your kid and you are not boxed into any specific style or color palette. But with all these advantages comes the necessity of bright and energizing décor that adds radiance to the nursery. A plush and colorful rug definitely comes in handy here!

Scandinavian nursery in gray has a monochromatic look [From: Aspect 11]

Adding a dashing, colorful rug to the nursery is not that hard. But ensuring that it feels like an extension of the existing space, even while elevating its ambiance, is a much harder task. There are times when it is bright pops of color that do the trick. On other occasions you need pattern and finesse. Whether you prefer something as tasteful and intricate as the lovely rug above in a Scandinavian style nursery or a design that is far more rambunctious, today’s collection is bound to leave you impressed –

Pattern and Motifs

A rug that complements the color scheme of the nursery is just fine and almost mandatory, but one that accentuates the theme of the room is a great choice. These might be a touch hard to shop for, but once you settle on the theme of the nursery, the choices are bound to be far clearer. An aviation-themed boys’ nursery with a rug that has hot air balloons motif or a nautical nursery with a rug that ushers in the charm of sun, sand and surf – it is all about discovering that ideal piece which completes the nursery both visually and functionally.

Cool rug brings fun motifs to the nursery
It is the delightful rug that steals the show in this modern nursery [From: Elsa The Court]

Then there are times when you want to stay away from the mundane and want a rug that says something special and personal. Instead of simply buying one, consider a custom piece with a message for your little one. Sure, they cannot read it right now, but they will end up with images of a nursery that they would cherish for a lifetime!

Finding the right rug for the modern nursery [From: Turnstyle Design]

Multi-Colored Magic!

Multi-colored rugs offer more design freedom in the nursery and you can switch between secondary and tertiary colors in the room without having to change the rug. As a rule, it is best to use one of these vivacious pieces in a room that is largely neutral as it highlights the true beauty of the rug without creating a cluttered, disruptive look. Repeating the colors of the rug in bits and pieces throughout the room enhances the curated appeal of the modern nursery while preserving its playful zest.

A patchwork of colors for the rug works well in any neutral, modern nursery
Sparkling, light-filled nursery is filled with plenty of color [From: Constellation Interior Design Studio]
Multi-colored rug is a great choice for the nursery draped in neutral hues

Shades of Pink

When it comes to girls’ nurseries, there are some stereotypes that simply refuse to fade away – a backdrop draped in pink is definitely one of them. If you are hesitant about using pink on the walls of the nursery, or want to accentuate the light pastels with a splash of brighter, more cheerful shade of pink, then a gorgeous rug is an apt addition. You can choose from different shades of pink that range from hot hues like fuchsia to pale pink and piggy pink. Once again, ensure that the rest of the nursery is neutral and unassuming when adding an eye-catching rug with an overload of pink.

Fabulous rug in pink brings color to the bedroom in gray
Nursery in white with colorful rug
Eclectic nursery with crib on wheels and colorful rug in pink [From: Alexandra Phenix Designs]

Ready to give the modern nursery an instant upgrade with a flamboyant rug?

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