Custom Wooden Box with Bedroom Transforms Small Sao Paulo Apartment

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Whenever we see a modern apartment from the city of Sao Paulo, we notice something unique or amazing about it. It seems that Brazilian homes have a style and design philosophy of their own; giving them an unmatchable visual appeal. The RA Apartment renovated by Pascali Semerdjian Arquitetos is no different, as it finds its own custom solutions in managing both space and aesthetics as an ordinary 70 square meter apartment turns to bespoke wooden box for smart solutions. The spacious wooden box contains the bedroom, dining area, and bathroom with the kitchen in white and burgundy next to it. It truly transforms the apartment instantly!

Custom sofa designed around a pillar inside RA Apartment

Another striking feature of the apartment is the yellow epoxy floor that brings brightness to the interior even as the backdrop is kept largely white and neutral. The large wooden desk at the end of the giant wooden box contains ample shelf space and can be used in more ways than one. White drapes can be used at any time to hide the bedroom, bathroom and shelving units even as the plush couch in light blue wraps itself around the structural pillar of the apartment. Every little detail has been carefully planned to make sure that space is utilized to the hilt.

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Innovative wooden box shapes the living room of the RA Apartment
Kitchen in burgundy along with patterned tiled backsplash
Living room with gorgeous yellow floor and white backdrop
Look inside the custom bedroom and bathroom of the apartment
Lovely and sweeping wooden desk and table is integrated with the custom box design
Marble finds place inside the tiny bathroom
Plush bright sofa in blue in the living room

With an altered floor plan and monochromatic background, the apartment feels refreshing, cheerful and inviting. The view outside adds to the overall ambiance of the space even as sunset brings a whole new dimension to the interior. [Photography: Ricardo Bassetti]

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Space-savvy and innovative apartment in Sao Paulo
White curtains hide the wooden box entirely when needed
Work desk in wood inside the tiny apartment
Drapes hide the bespoke wooden structure that contains the bedroom, bathroom and more

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