Decorating with LED Strip Lights: Kitchens with Energy-Efficient Radiance!

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Remodeling your old kitchen or planning for a new one is all about finding that perfect balance between aesthetics, ergonomics and exclusivity. Irrespective of the style, theme and size of your kitchen, lighting is undoubtedly what makes or breaks its appeal. And at the heart of every illuminated modern kitchen are LED strip lights, which combine convenience with energy-saving credentials and pulsating brilliance. Versatile and incredibly ‘in trend’, LED strip lighting is definitely one of the must-haves of 2017 kitchen and we here to show you how!

Under-cabinet LED strip lights used to illuminate the kitchen countertop

LED lighting has been around for a while, but strip lights definitely have taken these energy-efficient lighting fixtures to a whole new level. Illuminating even the most awkward of corners, these adaptable lights can be easily incorporated into the design of an existing kitchen with little fuss. From beautiful shelves and smart cabinets to functional countertops and striking kitchen islands, LED strip lights can be used anywhere and everywhere.

Under-Cabinet LED Strip Lighting

Kitchen storage units are some of the first things we settle on while planning for a new kitchen. Wall-mounted kitchen cabinets with modular ease can transform your kitchen in an instant. But taking this to next level is under-cabinet LED strip lighting that allows you to easily place these custom cabinets just above the kitchen countertop in a small kitchen. For those short on vertical space or even looking for ways in which they can bring better task lighting to the kitchen counter, LED strip lights offer a convenient and cost-effect option.

LED strip lights underneath the top kitchen shelves light up the kitchen counter and display below
Stylish modern kitchen from Rempp with wooden cabinets and under-cabinet LED strip lighting

They illuminate the shelves or countertop below the cabinets more evenly than recessed lights and definitely beat sconce both in terms of practicality and perfect lighting. And the best part of it all is that these ingenious lights also bring the kitchen backsplash alive without ever getting in the way!

Under-cabint LED strip lights are a popular trend in contempoarry kitchens
Exquisite contemporary kitchen in marble and wood from Decker
Kitchen island with open shelfe and beautiful LED lighting

LED Lighting for Kitchen Shelves

The next most popular option when it comes to using LED strip lights in the kitchen are floating shelves and open cabinets. Floating glass shelves with LED strip lights have a certain surreal appeal that transforms them into an instant focal point. Strip lights also allow you to illuminate each individual floating shelf and even the lowest of them all is perfectly lit, eliminating any prospect of ugly shadows. Whether you are displaying fancy china or just fashioning a beautiful backdrop, LED strip lights and open kitchen shelves is a match made in design haven!

LED strip lighting ideas for open shelving in the kitchen and beyond
LED strip lights make for great accent lighting to highlight kitchen shelves
Stunning contemporary kitchen in white and gray with floating shelves and LED strip lighting
Apple green and LED strip lights bring brightness to the contemporary kitchen
Even the tiniest of kitchens and darkest of corners can be enlivened with LED strip lights

Connecting the Kitchen with Living Space

Thinking of ways in which you can extend the living room aesthetic into the kitchen without actually changing too much? LED strip lighting is a fun and chic option which does precisely that without trying too hard. Just use matching lights for the living room shelves, entertainment unit, dining space backdrop, kitchen cabinets and island, to create a homogeneous lighting scheme. It is not so much about using loads of LED lighting as it is about smartly highlighting the right architectural features and establishing visual connectivity.

LED strip lights can act as a visually unifying element between the kitchen and open plan living area
Shelves lit up using LED strip lights create a common design element thoughout the open plan living
Smart under-cabinet LED strip lighting in kitchen is a functional choice
Dashing all-white contemporary kitchen with a spacious breakfast bar

Lighting the Smart Kitchen

Do not limit yourself to strip lights alone when shopping for kitchen lighting fixtures. Apart from the usual dose of pendants that occupy prime position above the kitchen counter, consider LED recessed lights to create a dashing and energy-efficient modern kitchen. All LED lighting fixtures are inherently more planet-friendly than traditional CFLs and are sure to cut back on your home’s power consumption significantly. So why wait to get on the LED bandwagon?

Combine LED recessed lights with strip ligjts to create the perfect kitchen counter
Define kitchen shelving and countertops with bright LED strip lights
Highlight the most amazing architectural features of your kitchen with LED strip lights
LED strip lighting is both convenient and classy when used right
Accent lighting reaches a new level with delightful LED strip lights in this classy kitchen filled with wood

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