Remodeled Apartment Inside 156 Year Old Building Paints a Picture of Abstract

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A 156 year old building next to the railway station in Sodų st. Vilnius old town, Lithuania, seems like an unlikely place for an apartment as stunningly minimal and contemporary as the Young Family Apartment. Revamped and given a fresh new look that is entrenched in white, white and more of white by SA Atelier, this space-savvy and exquisite apartment was transformed from its boring old form into a welcoming and energetic hub that encourages de-cluttering and a minimal lifestyle. It truly is a modern masterpiece that you only fully appreciate when you take a look at the finer details that combine the past of the building with modernity in a fluid fashion.

Interior of the apartment marries vintage with minimal using a white backdrop

A central wall at the heart of the apartment that contains the kitchen section on one side and bathroom on the other is the one feature that transforms the apartment completely. This custom addition frees us space for the rest of the interior and creates an open living plan where the entire apartment feels like one large room. The multi-tasking wall section also has a touch of whimsical charm about it even as the ornate ceilings now painted white and wooden floor bring warmth while invoking the past of the apartment in a subtle manner.

All the accessories and additional décor units are integrated into the overall design of this 85 square meter apartment that feels much larger than it really is. A perfect starting point in the journey of a young couple as the step into a big city and its bright lights! [Photography: Norbert Tukaj]

156 year old building in Lithuania with remodeled Young Family Apartment
Custom wall for kitchen and bathroom with space above for storage
Door of the bathroom with a touch of whimsical
Gorgeous and classic ceiling with ornate pattern
Ornate ceiling blends into the modern minimal backdrop of white with ease
White and wood Young Family Apartment

All original authentic decorations have been preserved: panel parquet, ceiling decoration, door frames. Furniture, lamps and switches were made by the residents themselves. The implemented project marks a new and bright stage in the whole building life, along with the young families that are starting up there.

White hallways inside the apartment along with a touch of woodsy warmth
Floor plan of Young Family House in Lithuania

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