Ingenious Bed Box Designs Transforms this Modern Toronto Loft

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A design that saves space while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of an interior grabs your attention almost instantly. Part of a small, 550-sqaure-foot, downtown loft in Toronto, Canada, the unique and stylish ‘bed box’ is the central feature around which this entire apartment is built. The wooden box gives this apartment an identity of its own even while creating and open, inviting living space in the process. Maximizing space while cutting back on visual fragmentation of space, the marvelous little box in plywood and white holds the single bedroom of the apartment that is hidden from the living room using large white sheers. Designed by Studio AC, the apartment feels refreshing, smart and innovative!

Gorgeous and innovative Broadview Downtown Loft in Toronto

White is the color of choice inside the apartment with wooden ceiling above adding warmth to the setting. Brick walls in the kitchen and around the bedroom have also been painted white to create visual continuity while the wonderful plywood surfaces in the bedroom give the interior a cozier, more inviting appeal. A flood of natural light illuminate every corner of the apartment while the presence of large, white sheers gives the entire living area a holiday-inspired look. The dark bluish-gray accent wall in the kitchen with shelving and backsplash makes an even greater visual impact thanks to the neutral backdrop and the industrial style slim lighting holds its own.

A large gray sofa in the corner of the living room and some chairs for the breakfast bar at the kitchen island complete a fabulous little loft that creates a vacation-like atmosphere at home. [Photography: Andrew Snow]

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Painted brick wall in white along with wood and grayish-blue kitchen section for the small loft
Smart curtains separate the bed box from the living area
Using drapes to cover the bed box
White sheer curtains hide the bed box
Wooden floor and backsplash for the bed box brings in warmth
Archways add beauty and elegance to the bed box design

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In closing the project was a pleasure to design because of an excited, open and interesting client. While the budget was quite modest we pushed ourselves to produce something with identity, character and flexibility.

Curtain rod along with sheers conceal the bed box
Plywood section inside the bedroom becomes a cozy focal point in the loft
Design plan of the Broadview Loft

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