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Cozy Retreat for Summer and Beyond: Sunroom Seating Ideas

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With summer here most of our days are spent on the pool deck, patio, or any other outdoor space that we can find. It is the time to shed layers of extra clothing and to embrace the warmth out there; a luxury for people in some parts of the world that is fleeting. Yet, there are ways in which you can still enjoy that fuzzy, warm feeling each morning (or even afternoon) all year long by turning towards the sunroom. Often, homeowners feel that a dedicated sunroom needs lot of space and that is definitely not always true. Everything from a long corridor with glass walls to a corner in the living room can be easily turned into your very own ‘sunroom’.

And every great sunroom needs the right set of furniture. Sunroom seating ideas are all about finding the right balance between aesthetics and ergonomics with a touch of space-savvy goodness thrown in amidst all that sunshine! The right sunroom seating varies with both the style of your sunroom and the space available. Then you need to factor in the budget at your disposal along with the level of comfort you wish to usher in. It is time to take a look at 10 ingenious sunroom seating ideas that showcase how to get it done with practicality and panache –

A Move Away from the Mundane

When you are planning for a fun, new sunroom that takes you away from the usual rigors of life, why should the décor inside it be plain and boring? A swinging daybed is a great option for the modern sunroom that intends to be a touch different. We all love a dash of ‘levitation’ and a swinging daybed combines this with ample luxury and plenty of playfulness. You can still decorate the space around it with a couch, a few armchairs, a nice little coffee table and of course, indoor plants. But you can rest assured that it is the hanging daybed that is the unrivaled star of the show.

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Comfy, swinging outdoor sofa Gravity is perfect for the sunroom [From: Roberti]
Exquisite use of pink hue in the octagonal sunroom with rustic charm

If swinging outdoor sofas like Gravity are not your thing, then another way to usher in informal elegance is colorful modular seating. Many outdoor décor options combine modularity with low-maintenance durability and these hip cushions can easily be moved around into the patio or to the pool deck when needed. Giving your sunroom adaptable effervescence , even kids are bound to instantly fall in love with this seating arrangement!

Colorful and comfy modular seating for a more relaxing sunroom [Design: Agnès Carpentier]

Accentuating the Sunroom Style

You want your décor choices to elevate the style quotient of your sunroom without actually compromising on comfort of seating capacity. Industrial, and eclectic sunrooms often end up with large leather sofas. Since direct sunlight can really damage this lovely couch, it is best to keep it away from the windows and direct light. Plush seating in white with floral pattern or pops of pink is great for the shabby chic sunroom while most tropical, modern and contemporary sunrooms look best when filled with décor made from natural materials. Rattan or bamboo outdoor furniture is a fine option here and you can even think about synthetic rattan décor as a more durable substitute.

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Plush leather couch and edgy decor fits in perfectly with the industrial theme [From: Cloud9 Smarthome]
Vivacious sunroom in blue with pops of orange and green [From: Elaine Griffin Interiors]
Exciting pops of orange enliven the sunroom with comfy seating

The Right Arrangement

Once you have the ‘seats’ part of the seating arrangement sorted, it is time to get to the arrangement part of it all. Sunrooms are all about a sense of warmth, openness, natural light and cheerful ambiance. By filling the sunroom with too much furniture, you can ruin this visual appeal. In smaller sunrooms, custom built-in benches and sofas next to the window that are unassuming go a long way in giving the interior a spacious vibe. With larger sunrooms, create individual pockets of décor – maybe a small breakfast zone here, a comfy conversation nook there and seating for the entire family at the heart of it all!

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Fabulous beach style sunroom with plush couch and high-back chair [From: JL Loper Construction Company]
Stunning eclectic sunroom of Paris home combines comfort with style [From: Aniss Studio]
White and pink sunroom with plush seating
Combine different furniture pieces for a more versatile sunroom

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