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Trendy Colorful Kitchen Backsplashes: From Blue and Green to Copper and Black!

With the New Year here, we are looking for fresh new ways to give our home a quick makeover so that things feel a bit different from the year gone by. Sure, the hangover from the Holiday Season is still very much here and for many, the Holidays only end this coming weekend. But once you get away from the glitz, bright lights and frantic days full of fun and cheer, it is time to give your weary kitchen that has seen plenty of activity in the last two months a new backdrop. This is where a colorful makeover comes in pretty handy. Gone are the days of the simple white backsplash. It is time to think vibrant and vivacious in 2019!

Gorgeous green backsplash with herringbone pattern for the white kitchen [From: Coastal Cabinets]

There are plenty of kitchen backsplash colors to choose from. Some obviously are much more popular than others, but there are a few shades that are currently topping the trends chart and are bound to hold sway in the year ahead. From the classics that never fail to new additions that are taking the decorating world by storm, this is a look at the five best colorful backsplash options for 2019.

Color of the Year; Every Year!

If there is one bankable color in home decorating, then it is undoubtedly blue. Once again, it is the most preferred color when it comes to bright kitchen backsplashes and is something that most homeowners turn to as a default hue. The reasons are simple enough. Blue fits in with pretty much any style you can think of, has an unending array of shades and tints to choose from and give the white kitchen a bright and comfy ambiance.

Finding the right backsplash for the modern kitchen [From: Chris Haver Photography]
Light-blue chevron pattern backsplash for the beach style kitchen with twin islands [From: George Penniman Architects / Robyn Ivy Photography]
Light-filled contemporary kitchen with bright blue accent wall and backsplash [From: Brickstack Architects]
White and blue kitchen is always in trend
Farmhouse kitchen in wood with blue backsplash [From: Great Bay Photography]

Tropical and Refreshing

A color less talked about when it comes to kitchen backsplashes, green is bound to be a hit in 2019 as homeowners look for ways to give their homes a ‘greener’ edge. If you cannot get nature to come indoors, then the next best thing is to borrow from its most dominant hue and give the kitchen a bright green backsplash. Admittedly, some styles feel more ‘at ease’ with a green backsplash than others like tropical, eclectic or shabby chic. But give it a try in the modern kitchen as well to explore an entirely new look.

Eclectic kitchen in white, wood and green [From: Lucy Interior Design]
Fun contemporary kitchen with green backsplash and orange pendants [From: Mark Macco Architects]
Stylish Scandinavian kitchen in black with a colorful countertop and a dark green backsplash
Casual industrial style kitchen with subway tiled backsplash in green

Metallic Glint that Never Fades

Yes, a copper backsplash is not one that strictly adds just color to the kitchen, but it is becoming such a popular choice that we simply cannot ignore it. Be it hexagonal copper tiles, penny tile sin copper, just plain copper sheets or weathered copper tiles, using a backsplash that is this bright can turn an old and boring kitchen into a bright showstopper for years to come.

Sparkling copper pennytile backsplash for the small contemporary kitchen
Stunning copper backsplash in the kitchen gives the already fabulous interior a bright appeal
Weathered copper tiles over time give them a cool and elegant sheen
Bring glamour to the kitchen with the copper penny tiled backsplash
Finding the right copper sheen for your gorgeous kitchen [From: deVOL Kitchens]

Explore the Dark Side!

One of our personal favorite when it comes to kitchen backsplashes is black. Black as a color is both underrated and under-utilized in the modern kitchen. When you have a beautiful kitchen in white and wood, it makes perfect sense to have a backsplash in black that makes a bold visual impact. You can alter between one with matte finish and a more glittering option depending on the light in the room and the style you are aiming for. Be it subway tiles in black or just a brick wall backsplash painted black, there is plenty to fall in love with here.

Painted kitchen brick wall backsplash in black with a glossy finish
Scandinavian kitchen in white with black backsplash and starry pattern [From: Fenton GC]
Small Scandinavian kitchen in white with black counters and backsplash [From: Dream Life Design]
Smart kitchen backsplash in black with matching cabinets at both ends
Dark and dashing kitchen in gray with a tiled black backsplash

Trendy with a Twist of Posh

Gray as a color is here to stay in our homes for years to come and whether you want to use it as a neutral hue to create a calming backdrop, or feel that it is better used as an accent addition in a white kitchen, gray is one color that makes impact without compromising on the ‘sophistication’ of the kitchen. Choosing the right gray for the backsplash depends on whether you want to use it more extensively in the kitchen or wish to limit it to the backsplash alone. A darker hue of gray works well in moderation while lighter shades can shape a monochromatic kitchen in gray.

Spacious contemporary kitchen with gray backsplash
Traditional kitchen in white and gray
Contemporary kitchen in gray
Eclectic kitchen with dark gray backsplash
Gray backsplash fits in with any style you have going [From: Amy Aidinis Hirsch]

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