Marble, Granite and Travertine: Collage Floor Ushers in Eye-Catching Sophistication

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There are many of things that we change in our home constantly to give it a new, more vibrant look. Even when it comes to the design of a new home, the focus is always on the walls, color scheme, style, spatial arrangement and décor. But the floor and the ceiling are left largely unaltered and the choices are more about practicality rather than aesthetics. But this smart apartment in Lithuania takes an entirely different approach with the floor playing the role of the protagonist. Designed by DO Architects, The Apartment has a floor in white concrete plaster that has embedded marble, granite and traventine pieces. The composition is truly unique and sets the tone for a sophisticated and polished home.

Granite, marble and travertine pieces combined with white plaster for the floor

This is an apartment where dark color is a rarity and you will have to search long and hard to find bright pops of color. The lower level of the apartment contains the living area, kitchen and dining with the floor and décor in pastel hues bring a sense of brightness to an otherwise neutral and monochromatic setting. Wooden walls and white drapes add to the sense of coziness while smart storage units and shelves tuck away any mess with ease.

Polished living room of the apartment with a unique floor design
Light filled and modern interior of the Apartment
Glass walls and drapes combined to create a lovely ambiance inside the apartment
Decor that matches the polished appeal of the apartment floor adds to its sophisticated style
Closer look at the floor of the apartment

The tough textures of the walls and other décor pieces stand in contrast to the floor that feels like a work of art and each stone piece embedded in here is perfectly placed to make the right visual impact. Natural concrete stairs and a nifty skylight complete this exquisite Lithuanian home. [Photography: Norbert Tukaj]

Natural stone tiles create a smart floor that looks like collage of various pieces
Stone pieces embedded in the floor create an artistic appeal
Upper level of the Apartment in white and wood
Upper level workout area with lovely view of the city outside
White and wood bedrooms ample natural light
Wooden walls create a sense of coziness inside the apartment
Minimal bedroom in white with wooden accent wall
Natural concrete staircase leads to the top level

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