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A Color Surprise: Beautiful Pink Living Room Ideas that Bring Cheer and Freshness

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Stereotyping is nothing new in this world. It is something that we all are accustomed to in our daily lives. Pigeonholing colors into where they can and cannot be used is something very similar. The idea that blue is great for the boys’ bedroom and pink looks cute only in the girl’s bedroom is one such compartmentalization of colors that can be used far more extensively. Pink is a hue that works well in every room of our home and while it can give the room an air of femininity, that is not necessarily always true. Contemporary designers are using the color in bathrooms, kitchens and modern dining spaces with plenty of panache and it is time you give it a shot in the living room as well!

Stunningly beautiful living room uses pink in an elegant fashion while embracing a timeless vibe

With Living Coral being dubbed the ‘color of the year’ by Pantone, interest in shades of pink has also gone up significantly in the last few months. And for those who do not have color commitment issues, giving the living room in pink a shot this spring is a great idea indeed. The best living rooms in pink are those that combine the brightness of the color and its soothing appeal with a distinct style that is clear and décor that is modern. Smart, radiant and anything but mundane, this is a look at pink living rooms at their brilliant best –

A Backdrop that is Modern

The moment we talk about pink in the living room, many of our readers might cojure up an image of a setting that is decadent and over-indulgent with plenty of pink all around in an ungainly fashion. But in reality, that is pretty far off from the truth! We are not talking about a living room in pink from some poorly crafted set of a Hollywood movie from the late 60’s and 70’s. This is not about floral patterns and bright motifs in orange and green all around. Modern pink living rooms have a curated backdrop in gentle shades of pink with the right lighting and décor that accentuates the elegance of the setting.

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Do not shun away from using pink in the living room[From: La Redoute Russia]
Fabulous living room in pastel pink with a relaxing transitional style [From: CARLO Berlin – Architektur & Interior Design]

Using calmer, lighter shades of pink with matte finish is a great choice in the living area with ample natural light. This gives the room a relaxing appeal and you will not have to worry about greeting your guests in a garish fashion! Add a few metallics here and there, bring in contemporary décor in neutral hues and top it all off with the right wall art and you have the perfect, trendy living room that is both off beat and exquisite.

Lighter shades of pink give the living room a more inviting look [From:Lauren Nelson Design]
Minimal Scandinavian style living room in pink [From: Rima Design]
Small living room of Moscow apartment in pink with ample natural light [From: Albina Alieva Interior Design]

Give it a Stylish Twist

Not a fan of the modern pink living room? Prefer a style that is much more ‘you’ in the living room? Not to worry as using pink in the shabby chic, eclectic and Scandinavian style living rooms is even easier! You have more freedom here when it comes to adding additional layers of color. A bright sofa in orange or yellow, a lighting fixture in gold or even a rug with bright red stripes feels like a welcome addition here. Again, we suggest you stay away from the really loud hues of pink in here and opt for pastel-clad backdrops as often as possible. This gives you a greater degree of choice when it comes to picking furniture and accessories.

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Eclectic living room in pink also embraces yellow accents
Innovative way to add pink to the unique Scandinavian style living room [From: Rebel Walls]
Modern beach style living room with pretty pink walls! [From: Patricia McGrath Design]
Brick and pink find space next to each other in this eclectic living room
Bright pink walls for the eclectic living room draw your attention instantly [From: Ritika Bhasin Design]

Accents and Décor in Pink

Those who are just not convinced about suing pink in the living room can start off with décor pieces in the color before they opt for a paint job. You need not worry about an overdose of pink in here as different tones and shades of the same color can be used throughout the room for a curated and polished living room. A comfy couch in pastel pink or a couple of arm chairs in salmon pink or just a few accessories in hot pink can be added to the living room with a pink accent wall to enhance its appeal. Yup, we are not holding back on pink!

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Exquisite modern living room in pink that features sectional in matching pink hue [From: P & D Associates]
Gorgeous purple decor for living room in pink
Midcentury living room with pink accent wall and a matching couch [From: Mayi & Company]
Adding pink to the living room with plush décor [From: M. Lahr Homes]

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