Trendy Ideas: 20 Home Offices with Ceiling Beams that Make an Impact!

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Workplace is evolving fast and with it work habits are also changing quickly. A large part of this is because of the way technology has altered our lives and the way we work over the years. It has also opened up whole new avenues, turning that forgotten and tiny room next to the staircase landing into a complete workplace that has everything you need. This does come with its own sets of perks and working from home gives you a whole lot more time to do things that might otherwise be just impossible. But the modern home office is not just about functionality alone. Altering its aesthetics is a big part of keeping you motivated and today we take a look at offices with ceiling beams and how they are becoming a hot trend in 2019.

Stylish curved ceiling beams move away from the more boring, traditional versions [From: TANDEM design studio]

Home offices with ceiling beams came about largely because of necessity as homeowners and designers turned to the attic in order to find that additional room. But soon, the gorgeously displayed structural beams became a part of more and more home offices and you should consider yourself lucky if you are blessed with one yourself. But how do the ceiling beams play into the overall aesthetics of the home office? Step in to find out even as you discover the 20 best inspirations around –

Modern and Elegant Home Offices

The modern home office is not a space where you would generally see those large ceiling beams hanging around and making a visual impact. But that is changing fast with homeowners demanding a bit of visual and textural contrast in every room. The large wooden ceiling beams do this with ease in here, but if you are looking for beams that blend in with the backdrop, then painting them white is the way forward. Smaller, aesthetic beams in bright colors also make for an interesting addition, while combining these beams with the right lighting fixtures makes an even bigger impact.

Modern farmhouse home office offers ample space for the creative! [From: Gail Lilley Zawacki – Coldwell Banker]
Space-savvy contemporary home office with brick walls and ceiling beams [From: Jill Wolff Interior Design]
Spacious home office in white with a ceiling beam in wood and twin skylights [From: Capstone Custom Homes / Cate Black Photography]
Transitional home office in white with ceiling beams that add a different dimension to the room [From: Sutro Architects]
Attic home office with ceiling beams that add ample structural support [From: Walk Interior Architecture & Design]
Bright and modern ceiling beams in red shield the skylight above them in an eye-catching manner [From: Stiff and Trevillion]
Dashing ceiling beams look great in the minimal home office

Wood that Adds Class

Wooden ceiling beams are a classic that never fail and combining them with a ceiling in wood gives the home office a chance to try out more traditional and rustic styles. Even in the modern home office, the wooden ceiling beam (yes, sometimes it can be just one as well!) does not fail to impress. Once again, a beautiful chandelier, a smart pendant or even recessed lighting can be used to accentuate their appeal while being intertwined with the overall ceiling design.

Rustic home office with ceiling beams never fails to impress [From: Paul Kelley Architecture]
Stunning stone fireplace steals the show in this traditional home office
Wood and concrete ceiling for the industrial home office
Wooden ceiling beams look good even in the small home office
Ceiling beams with distressed finish add textural appeal to the traditional home office [From: Summerour Architects]
Exquisite chandelier steals the spotlight in this traditional home office [From: Lauren Ostrow Interior Design]

Choosing From Many Styles

From rustic and traditional to industrial and minimal, style is not a constraint when it comes to the home office and ceiling beams. You might have to change the material of the ceiling beam, but that does not stop you from adding one to the room. The ceiling beam is a part of the home office that might not be the most significant, but for those who want to try the look out, this is absolutely the right time to give it a shot. And we assure you that you will not regret it one bit!

Dark ceiling beams for the contemporary home office in white
It is the ceiling that draws your attention here with its color, texture and ceiling beams [From: Jeri Koegel Photographer]
Moooi Random Light draws attention to the wooden ceiling beams [From: Rockridge Fine Homes]
Textured walls, ceiling and wooden ceiling beams give the Mediterranean home office give it a distinct identity
Track lighting coupled with ceiling beams give the farmhouse home office a unique look [From: Nawrocki Architects / Hoachlander – Davis Photography]
Ceiling beams add stunning geometric beauty to the traditional home office [From: Fiorentino Group Architects]

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