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How to Mix and Match Tableware for Spring Entertaining

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What is it about spring that makes us want to feather our nests? Perhaps it’s the return of warm weather, which infuses us with a burst of energy. Decorating project, anyone?! Spring is also a wonderful time to host and entertain, especially since outdoor dining is a possibility. Not to mention, a slew of new spring collections have just hit the shelves, so it’s easy to stock up on tableware for your gatherings and fetes. Today we’re sharing a few hassle-free ideas for incorporating new pieces into your collection. Because a mix-and-match approach is as eye-catching as it is convenient!

New and Vintage Glassware

If you enjoy collecting vintage glassware, take pride in mixing newer pieces into your stash of old favorites! Brands such as Anthropologie consistently feature an assortment of vintage-style tumblers and juice glasses that will seamlessly blend with your thrift store and antique mall finds.

Though no longer available at Anthropologie, the minty “Gatsby” juice glasses shown above and below caught our eye when they proved to be an ideal match for the highly collectible retro milk glass we all know as Jadeite. Because why wouldn’t we want our vintage tea and coffee cups to be matched with the picture-perfect receptacles for holding orange juice?

The Gatsby glasses’ milky tops were an ideal complement to the milky Jadeite glassware:

When mixing and matching new and vintage glassware, you can select items of a similar color, or look for common design features (such as ridges or a hobnail pattern). Don’t feel pressure to get a perfect match. Variations in tone, style and type of glass only add interest and variety to your table!

Appetizer Plates and Bowls

When it comes to serveware, it can be fun to collect small plates and bowls as new styles become available. Brands such as CB2 offer pieces/collections that they continually update with new colors and finishes, making it fun to incorporate a few pieces here and there. The small bowls below have been available in a range of colors, and you may have spotted them on more than a few design blogs over the last several years!

The lavender plates are also a CB2 find, and if you’re sad that you can no longer purchase them, let us direct you to the brand’s Wash Appetizer Plates in dusty pink, indigo blue and neutral (which we featured in this post). Good news: you can purchase the white geo CB2 planter featured above here!

When mixing and matching small plates and bowls, there are no hard-and-fast rules. Be intentional about finding items you love, have a palette in mind (such as candy colors), and stick with a basic style. We went with sleek and modern for our collection!

Since we’re talking about spring entertaining, don’t forget that incorporating greenery into your tablescape is a surefire way to add a big dose of style. In fact, plants instantly conjure a fresh, green and healthy vibe! Now that’s refreshing entertaining style!


Last but not least, let’s visit the world of barware. As with the bowls and plates featured in the previous section, brands such as CB2 consistently offer drinkware in a range of trendy colors, continually updating collections with new finishes and shades. If you’re a sucker for the Marta lilac glasses below like we are, you may be interested to know that they’re also available in dusty blue luster, green luster and gold luster.

And their sleek form makes them compatible with other glasses, such as the Cylinder Iridescent Champagne Flutes, pictured below with flutes in pink:

It’s hard to get more festive than an iridescent finish! Gorgeous:

When mixing and matching drinkware, there’s some leeway in your styling endeavors. After all, there’s something naturally fun and festive about the idea of serving cocktails! Don’t shy away from bold colors, fun finishes and interesting combinations. As always, opting for similar styles (sleek and minimalist, frilly and ornamented) can be helpful when it comes to collecting and assimilating pieces. 

Cheers to mixing, matching, and making the most of your entertaining endeavors this spring! Thanks for reading!

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