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Painted Wallpaper: Bold and Vivacious Taking over Spring Bedrooms this Year!

Having seen the early part of the 90s as a kid, we distinctly remember how most of our friends and neighbors were frantically trying to scrub out the wallpaper and replace it with more muted colors. A whole lot of beige replaced all that color and pattern in not time and it was the onset of an era that only encouraged ‘neutral and modern’ finishes. But the tide of decorating has turned once again and the last few years have seen wallpaper being gleefully welcomed into homes once again. In a world where interior backdrops are still kept as neutral as possible, the wallpapered accent feature or even just a bedroom draped in vivacious wallpaper can make a huge difference indeed.

Spring of 2019 is starting to see a trend that venture beyond just the plain old wallpaper and gives you something even more exciting, unique and at times, absolutely extravagant – the hand-painted wallpaper at its brilliant best! Painted wallpapers feel more like a works of art rather than just the mundane designs that give a sense of monotony. And there are few places better to try them out than the bedroom; a space where you can express yourself with ample freedom and use colors that might otherwise seem overstated in more public areas. So, why wait? Step in and discover the amazing world of bedrooms with painted wallpaper –

Simply Spellbinding

Among all the hand-painted wallpapers that we have seen in the last few months, if there is one that instantly grabs our attention and gives the bedroom a magical, spectacular backdrop, then it is undoubtedly those with ornate hand-painted chinoiserie-pattern. They seem to bring the backdrop alive with nature-centric designs that feel ever so beautiful and you can combine bold color, droplets of bright hues and a pattern that exudes opulence without moving away from the basic theme of the bedroom. Be it a contemporary bedroom that needs a captivating accent wall or a traditional one where the entire room can be used as a canvas, these painted wallpaper designs make a big impact indeed.

Handpainted wallpaper designs turn the bedroom walls into works of art! [From: Yrmural Studio]
Bring outdoor greeney and tropical vibe in grand style into the bedroom with this hand painted wall mural from de Gournay
Hand-painted wallpaper adds plenty of color and freshness to the bedroom [From: Rikki Snyder]

For the Modern Bedroom

The idea that the painted wallpaper does not fit in with modern-styled spaces is definitely misplaced. We want to shape a bedroom background that is delightful and exclusive and that in no way means it needs to be one with full of color and pattern that is traditional. Pick a design where you use geometric patterns and just a pinch of color to create an accent wall that feels chic and refined. Using custom painted wallpaper in white and gray also is an option for those not sure about committing to brighter colors and more vibrant patterns. Do not be boxed into the idea that painted wallpapers are only for traditional spaces.

Move away from traditional designs of wallpaper with a hand-painted motif [From: Dulux Amazing Space]
Wall murals that act as wallpaper make a big difference in the bedroom
Exclusive shabby chic bedroom in white with walls that exude understated class

Discover Many Delights!

The reasons to choose painted wallpaper are plenty and the best one among them all is that you can get a custom design which exactly meets your demands. Start with understanding what your bedroom exactly needs and the style you are aiming for. From modern Mediterranean to rustic and transitional, the style of your bedroom is barely a constraint here. One you have sampled various colors and settled on a pattern as well, it is time to get down to the nitty-gritty of things.

Transform the bedroom walls into captivating works of art [From: Studio Tenca & Associati]

Precise measurements of the area are a must here and once all is set, it is just a matter of reinventing your bedroom and seeing it in a whole new light! Be it trendy colors like Living Coral or just a backdrop that adds only pattern, there are plenty of ways you can customize this.

Transitional bedroom with painted wallpaper in coral with a lovely print
Painted wallpaper gives the bedroom a sense of uniqueness [From: Emma Lewis Photography / Amelia Carter Interior Design]

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