Taking the Home Theater Outdoors: From Poolside Hangouts to Patios

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Winter is well and truly in full force in many parts of the world and spending quality time outdoors often means a day on the snow-filled slopes with skiing activities or just a road trip that keeps you warm and toasty all the way. But for those thinking about the warmer months ahead and ways in which they can make their evenings in the coming spring, summer and fall a lot more special, the idea of an outdoor home theater is one that you just cannot pass on. Taking the big game nights and movie experience outdoors and under the star-studded sky has its own romantic appeal that is truly exceptional.

Fabulous modern deck with pool can be transformed into a home theater with ease [From: Charles Cunniffe Architects Aspen]

The best outdoor home theaters are the ones that cater to your exact need even while offering unmatched quality in terms of both sound and picture. This is all about finding a balance between the right aesthetics, acoustics and technical feasibility. Modern gadgets and connectivity has made it a whole lot easier though and you need not have to scurry around to hide the endless wiring and to find power sources one after another! With that in mind, this is a look at some of the best outdoor home theaters you will ever find –

Entertainment with a Refreshing Dip!

Finding the best spot for your outdoor home theater is the first and most difficult part of it all. It is much more than just choosing a random area in the patio, out in the yard or next to the pool. You will have to take into consideration the amount of light it receives, privacy and the acoustics before making the final call. Make sure that the space is sheltered and does not disturb your neighbors far too much and for those with a lavish pool and deck, this is the ideal place to combine a relaxing dip, a weekend party and some giant-screen entertainment with ease. Screens that disappear when not in use along with a projector is the current trend!

Poolside screens that can vanish with ease are increasingly becoming a popular choice
Tropical style home theater outdoors that can be turned into just a pool hangout when needed [From: Your Tech of Naples]
Vinyl screen and projector turn the pool into a screening area
Awesome outdoor entertainment zone and home theater [From: Intelligent Design]

Finding a Sheltered Space

The pergola with the fireplace or even the patio next to your open plan living area is a great place for the modest home theater that uses a giant television and the right sound system. Making it happen is also pretty easy as you already have a sheltered space that allows one to incorporate all the necessary components with ease. Make sure though that there is ample sitting space for everyone here with a couple of plush sofas or even the simpler, stadium-style seating with some floor pillows.

Transitional home theater next to the pool [From: AMS Landscape Design Studios / Jeri Koegel Photography]
Bring the exotic tropical resort vibe to the backyard with a cool hut and outdoor home theater
Taking the contemporary home theater outside is both easy and cost-effective [From: Distinctive Domain]
Projector and screen is all you need to transform the backyard [From: GO Designs]
A giant screen outside can add more life to the party with ease

Work with What You Have

It is important to understand that not every outdoor movie night experience is the same and what you would get with a home theater on the roof of an urban residence is much different from what one can expect in the lazy garden of a spacious suburban home. Even the smallest balcony can be turned into a lovely hangout with entertainment options by using the right gear. Sometimes all you need is a giant LED TV, a home theater system and a couple of chairs to get the job done.

Cozy outdoor home theater for two with a fireplace [From: Inviting Spaces]
Custom home theater on the terrace deck with ample sitting space for everyone [From: World Wide Stereo]
Enjoy the big game night with friends and family outside [From: Artistic Design & Entertainment]
Lovely way to turn the carport overhang into a smart projection screen
A movie night in the yard for two!

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