30 Best Kitchen Trends for Spring 2019: Space-Savvy and Practical Ideas

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The arrival of spring brings with it many delights. You can once again shed your winter coat and freely enjoy the many beautiful sights and sounds of nature outside. From fresh foliage to chirping birds and warmth of early morning sunshine, life seems wonderful again! This is also a great time to enjoy the many new trends and decorating ideas that the season brings. Some might outlast others while a select few could end up becoming style statements that define an era. Even if you are not that worried about long term impact, those looking to give their home a fresh makeover can start right away as spring and summer await ahead.

Terrazzo tile flooring lasts the test of time [From: Neil Davis]

The best kitchen decorating trends of spring 2019 are those that add style texture and metallic beauty to the kitchen and do so without disturbing the existing style or theme of the space. Some are designed to make the kitchen much more efficient while others add aesthetics in a brilliant fashion. From a backsplash that makes a big impact to pantry shelves that save ample space, this is a look at the best kitchen trends for spring this year.

Terrazzo makes a Difference

Kitchens in 2019 are exploring different surfaces and those that are making a difference are ones that last the test of time while also helping provide a simple, elegant backdrop. Terrazzo flooring and tiles can be used to craft a sturdy setting where spills can be easily handled and wear and tear is never an issue. This is even more essential with social kitchens making a big comeback in the last few years. A space for meeting friends, family and having a good time, the terrazzo floor makes your kitchen the perfect hangout that lasts the test of time.

Fabulous midcentury kitchen with bright yellow backsplash and terrazzo flooring [From: Rick & Cindy Black Architects]
Terrazzo flooring for the kitchen is a trend that is catching on
Terrazzo and wood sit next to each other in this kitchen [From: Virginie EUDO]
Smart Terrazzo flooring allows other elements in the kitchen to shine through
Modern Scandinavian kitchen with terrazzo flooring [From: Fastighetsmäklare Malena Ek]

Warm Metallics Add Glint

Metallics have been a hot trend for a while now and with hot metallics like brass, you simply cannot go wrong. Brass fixtures can be easily added to the existing kitchen without making too many alterations and you would not have to splurge a whole lot for the smart makeover as well. Adding warm metallic accents to the kitchen in neutral hues allows them to stand out visually, making the kitchen refreshingly contemporary.

Finding the right kitchen accessories and decor that usher in golden glint
Gold bar chairs in the kitchen with gray and white
Shades of brass, gold and copper used throughout the kitchen
Acrylic and brass kitchen island is a showstopper [ From: Boss Design Center]
Brass adds brightness to any kitchen it adorns
Copper sheet brings brightness to the neutral kitchen

Pull-Out Shelves for Pantries

Even the smallest kitchens these days are utilizing the many benefits of a smart pantry. Tiny pantries are replacing boring shelves and cabinets in urban kitchens as homeowners are once again turning towards this timeless feature. Take your pantry to a whole new level this year with pull-out shelves that give your even more space and utilize the depth of the shelves fully. Just tuck them away when not in use and you will not even know that they are there! Bespoke solutions and smart pantries with slim pull-out shelves promise to transform your small kitchen instantly.

Finding the right shelves for your space-savvy pantry
Pull-out shelves save ample space in the modern pantry
Contemporary kitchen pantry offers ample storage space
Custom pull out pantry design can be incorporated anywhere with ease
Twin floor-to-ceiling pantries on each side of the refrigerator
Tiny pantry with bespoke pull-out shelves inside

Backsplash with a Bang

Gone are the days with boring old backsplashes where white and gray hold sway. Now is the time to shift to a backsplash that makes a much bigger impact, be it in the form of vivacious color, pattern that charms or one that brings textural contrast. Green backsplashes are currently popular in the kitchen and for those who wish to try out something more eclectic, a mirrored backsplash or those in black are ones that are a must try. Patchwork tiled backsplash is also a fun idea for those who love pattern and an overdose of color!

Go down a different route with backsplash in black
Green is a color that is bound to make an impact in kitchens throughout 2019
Mirrored backsplash for the kitchen in white
Patchwork tiles for the kitchen with a truckload of vivacious pattern!
Striking green backsplash with herringbone pattern for the contemporary kitchen in white
Copper pennytile backsplash for the kitchen is full of metallic charm

Natural Stone for the Island

The kitchen island is the heart and soul of the modern kitchen that combines form and functionality in a fluid fashion. Natural stone islands are those that are clad in beautiful stone and its many intricate variations shine through elegantly when used right. Marble kitchen islands and finishes have been around forever and now quartz and granite tops are also making a big comeback in the last few seasons. From anti-bacterial stone countertops and islands that promote healthy living to those that usher in opulence and brightness, stone kitchen islands are a showstopper in every single way.

Dark stone island is making a comeback in the modern kitchen [From: LDa Architecture & Interiors / Sam Gray Photography]
Extraordinarily impressive island in marble steals the spotlight [From: Gitani Stone]
Granite and its many variants add stunning beauty to the kitchen
Lighting adds even more beauty to the magical kitchen island in black
Natural stone island with first natural stone treatment that automatically prevents the growth of any bacteria
Combining natural stone with wood to create a gorgeous kitchen island

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