Pick Your Shade: Trendy Covered Patios and Decks that Take Fall Party Outdoors

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With early fall firmly setting in almost all over the globe; many might feel that the time for fun parties outside is more or less over. Of course, that is true if you are someone who cannot tolerate even a touch of chill in the air. But for the vast majority of us who love the colors of fall and the drop in temperature that feels just pleasant, the next two months are a great time for enjoying some lovely evening parties outside. Fall is a time when the festivities get started and with Halloween and Thanksgiving not too far away, those planning great fall parties are constantly searching for the perfect spot. Few places are better than the deck, patio or terrace outside; more so when there is the added insurance of a ceiling above!

Stunning custom metal pergola for the dashing contemporary deck [From: AILDM]

Covered decks, patios and outdoor spaces might feel a touch constricting in the summer because you cannot see the bright blue evening sky and the star-studded cosmos at night as you sip on your favorite margarita. But with the arrival of unpredictable fall and winter, that same ceiling above the outdoor hangout feels like an added bonus that makes your life a whole lot easier. From stunning modern designs to classic pergolas and extended home roof structures, this is a look out the best ideas around.

For the Contemporary Deck

The covered contemporary deck is all too simple to pull off and does sound a bit straightforward on the face of things. But there are plenty of designs and options to choose from. The easiest and most cost-effective ceiling for the modern deck is the slim, extended roof of the house supported by metal beams. This keeps things uncomplicated and you need not plan for an additional pergola structure that offers shade for the outdoor kitchen and dining space. Ad design that has a giant hole at the heart of the structure for the pool but offers shade for the rest of the deck is another fun idea that you can try out this fall.

Extended roof of the home acts as the covering for the patio [From: Designscapes Colorado]
Get innovative with the deck ceiling to bring in more light
Midcentury style frame of the home acts as covering for the deck
Visually stunning covering for the deck and pool
Beautiful beach style patio with blue ceiling protects it from the sun [From: Murray Homes]

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Serene and Sensational

Give the shaded outdoor deck a much greener vibe with a covering that uses wooden beams and creepers. This gorgeous structure feels even more magical once the space is filled in with flowering plants and other vines and with a fireplace or a few candles, this lovely deck can be turned into a magical, romantic retreat that is just a few steps away from your living room. Perforated panels with patterns also bring something exceptional to the deck as it creates fun interplay between shadow and light. The possibilities are endless!

Gorgeous Edison bulbs illuminate the lovely covered patio with outdoor kitchen and dining [From: Hanomoco Design]
Curved pergola for the patio is a showstopper
It is the ceiling that defines the form of this lovely patio full of greenery [From: Fielder & Assoc. Landscape & Specialty Company]
Perforated panels with pattern for the spacious outdoor deck [From: Kiran Nama Photography]
Courtyard shade moves away from the usual to offer a more flexible solution [From: Lloyd Architects]

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Shade with a Difference

Fabric patio coverings give you more flexibility than permanent structures and roof forms as they can be easily removed once warmer months start knocking on the door. Some might want to use sails to create a sense of drama while white and sturdy fabric covers coupled with stone and wooden decks are perfect for outdoor spaces with rustic, Mediterranean and farmhouse styles.

Mediterranean style deck with shade with a view of the ocean [From: Pino Costruzioni Group]
Relaxing shabby chic style deck with a covering that keeps things casual!
Removable cover for the deck makes life a whole lot easier [From: Benedict Design]
Let wooden beams and natural greenery create a lovely covering for your patio [From: Interior Archaeology]

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