25 Color and Style Trends for Kitchens Shaping Kitchens this Summer

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Spring might be just here but depending on where you live across the world, the hot days might already be here. Even if you are just welcoming spring, getting your home ready for warmer months is one we all benefit from. Whether you want to get the kitchen in shape for spring or wish to plan ahead for the summer months, there are a few decorating and style strends that you should not miss out in 2019. From bold color to casual placement of kitchenware that adds brightness to the setting, this is a look at the trendiest ideas for kitchens this summer – both in terms of color and style.

Wood and white kitchen design with a hint of blue for the island

With each season, kitchen is one space where we can easily incorporate the hottest decorating trends and do so without splurging a fortune. As social kitchens are becoming the norm and open plan living rooms bringing them more and more into prominence, it pays to have a kitchen that is both functional and aesthetic. Irrespective of the style you love, this year’s kitchen favorites have something for everyone and you are sure not to be left to be disappointed. Enjoy these 25 fabulous inspirations –

Time to Turn to Green

Green is a color that is not very popular in the kitchen. But the early half has seen the color become a bit of a staple in homes across the world. Part of the reason is homeowners’ love for ways in which they can add nature-centric hues to their home. For those wanting to add green to the kitchen, a smart and easy way to start is by using bar stools, chairs, pendants and accessories in green. If you love the shade, then you can expand to a kitchen island in green and even a backsplash that complements it beautifully.

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Fun way of adding green to the kitchen with bar chairs, backsplash and cool lighting fixtures
Gorgeous green cabinets for the contemporary kitchen with a pinhc of pink as well [From: Habify]
Mobile island on wheels with slim deisgn provides functional style to the kitchen [From: Belle Hampton Properties]
Pastel green and white kitchen with a traditional chic style
Terracotta tiles for the southwestern kitchen in green and white [From: Atelier Interior Design]
Bright green kitchen cabinets and decor instantly uplift the vibe of this modern kitchen [From: Studio35 York]
Finding the right shade of green for your midcentury modern kitchen in open plan living [From: Dreamhouse Enterprises]

Pots and Pans with Sparkle

You need not always splurge on a new style or color scheme to give the kitchen an upgrade. A trendy idea to try out this season is a gorgeous display of pots and pans that adds a bit of metallic glitter to the space. This can be done using either open shelves or just a pot hanger and depending on style and color scheme of the kitchen, your pots and pans can also add a fun hue to the setting. A perfect kitchen that blends form with function!

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Industrial style kitchen with a display of pots and pans [From: Andrea Michaelson Design]
Open shelves along with pots and pans on display make a trendy kitchen statement [From: Tanya Capaldo Designs]
Scandinavian style kitchen in white with copper bar for hanging pots and pans [From: Matt Delphenich Photography]
Create a wonderful display with pots and pans in the farmhouse kitchen [From: Ark Living]

Serenity of Wood and White

If you are an avid reader of Decoist, then you will know by now that our love for the wood and white color scheme is nothing new. This is a color palette that will hold sway for the next few years and changing to it in the kitchen is a risk-free choice. The background will also allow you to try out different accent colors and styles without a worry and switching between them is all too easy. A smart and relaxing kitchen with plenty of warmth is what you get here.

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Modern kitchen in wood and white with practical design that makes your life easier
Organic textures and natural finishes add that woodsy element to the kitchen in white
Simple approach to the wood and white kitchen design using a floor in wood
Wood and stone kitchen island fits in perfectly with the contemporary appeal of the space
Beach style kitchen in wood and white with a rug that adds a dash of red
Ceiling adds woodsy element to the white kitchen with tiled flooring
Gorgeous farmhouse kitchen in white and wood with smart ceiling beams

Appliances that Add Color

This might be a bit difficult to shift to as a temporary choice, but colorful kitchen appliances set in neutral kitchens is something that makes an instant impact. A colorful kitchen range stands out even further when you have a kitchen in white, gray or something similar. Be it a refrigerator in orange, vintage range in dark blue or something slim and sophisticated in black, make sure there is enough contrast here visually.

Beach style kitchen in white with cobalt blue appliances [From: Siemasko + Verbridge]
Fun use of color in the kitchen makes a big visual impact [From: Sustainable Kitchens]
Kitchen range in yellow stands out visually in the blue and white kitchen [From: UrbanLUX Builders]
Perfect way to highlight the colorful appliance in the white kitchen
Small kitchen with blue appliances is a showstopper [From: Knight Architects]
An all-white kitchen is the ideal option for those who love the colorful kitchen range [From: Roux MacNeill Studio]

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