10 Green Bathrooms With Gorgeous Interior Designs

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Green, which is typically associated with concepts such as grown, renewal and more general ideas such as life and nature is a positive and beautiful accent color which can be used to create mesmerizing interior designs with lots of charm and character. Green can make a space look and feel very soothing and relaxing which makes it an excellent choice of color for bathrooms. It’s typically the mild and soft greens that are most common for these spaces. However, dark green bathrooms can look mesmerizing and amazing as well.

This is a fantastic bathroom design with green wall tiles complemented by a light-colored floor and a very stylish and elegant marble vanity. The wall tiles have slightly different shades of green and create a really nice ombre effect. Follow @fg_interiors for more details and inspiration.

Here’s a somewhat similar design but with a more vintage style. This beautiful green bathroom design was shared by @yourantiquesourcingstudio. It has green painted walls with a white trim at the bottom and a classic tile pattern on the floor.

This right here is a very interesting shade of green. It’s dark and deep and mysterious and goes beautifully with the glossy tile finish and the glass partition. The section of the ceiling above the tub was painted in a matching dark green nuance. This beautiful bathroom design was shared by @jigsawinteriorarchitecture.

Combining an intricate or busy pattern with a powerful color can sometimes become overpowering. This powder room for example is quite busy in terms of design, with green scalloped wall tiles, lots of brass accents and quirky decorations and accessories sprinkled across the room. Follow @eandainteriors for more crazy design ideas.

This is such a charming bathroom design and this corner in particular looks so beautiful. The dark green walls create the perfect backdrop for the wooden cabinet under the sink, the white toilet and the elegant mirror. There’s also lots of greenery in here which accentuated the whole nature-inspired look. Be sure to check out @lauraatnumbertwelve for more wonderful designs and ideas like this one.

An accent wall is a great idea if you want to add some color to the bathroom without turning it into the main theme for the entire design of this space. The designers at Cobalto Studio chose a beautiful shade of green for this stylish bathroom. There’s also a little wall nook and the tiles were installed vertically, emphasizing the height of the room.

Go with a more mild green if you want your bathroom to be a soothing and relaxing space and combine it with other soft colors and various textured finishes. You can incorporate wood and marble or stone into the design to give the space a pure and nature-inspired look. Let this design by studio Chan and Eayrs inspire you.

This is the chic bathroom of a beach house designed by Chelsea Hing. As you can see, it has these really beautiful green walls which are complemented by solid wood accents. It’s such a gorgeous combination which can be expressed in lots of different forms.

Working with dark shades of green is tricky and designs can go wrong quite easily if they’re not well-balanced. You could definitely learn a lot from successful design such as the one created by Anna von Waldburg. This is such a cozy-looking bathroom. Although there are a lot of details in its design, none are overpowering, not even the dark green walls.

It’s not the walls of a bathroom that be infused with color. The furniture is another great resource. Take for example this elegant master bathroom. It’s bright and neutral with the exception of the double sink vanity which is the focal point of the room. It’s a very powerful design element, hence the simplicity of all the elements surrounding it. Check out cravenhaven for more details.

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