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Design Ideas And Upgrades To Include In Your Next Kitchen Renovation Project

A kitchen remodel is one of the demanding and complex home-related projects you can take on and there’s a lot you need to think about before getting started. There are designing to be done, furniture to choose, wall and flooring options to asses and lots of unforeseen details and complications to expect.

How much does a kitchen renovation cost?

It depends. There are a few big questions to answer before you can make an assessment, such as what do you want from this space, how are you going to be using it on a daily basis, how do you want it to look at and so on. Once you have a clear picture in mind you can start making some estimations. You need to add up the costs for the design fees (not just for the space itself but any custom furniture as well), all the appliances, installations, the cabinetry, countertops, the flooring, walls and ceilings, plumbing and of course the lighting and any smaller details as well. There are always extra costs with projects like this one. Make a plan and try to stick to it but also be flexible. On average you can expect to spend somewhere around 10%-15% of the home’s value on this project but you could also keep the cost lower if you’re set on that.

DIY Projects

There are plenty of things you can do yourself and save some money in the process. For example, we all know how expensive countertops can be. If you choose to turn this into a DIY project you can keep the overall kitchen remodel cost low and create something unique in the process. Concrete countertops are a really cool option. The idea is to give your old counters a makeover using concrete mix and some basic tools. It’s a great idea if you’re going for a modern or industrial-inspired kitchen.

You could also do the backsplash yourself. If you’re working with drywall, repairs shouldn’t be overly difficult. Once everything is nice and smooth you can customize the backsplash in any way that you see fit. Prime and paint the wall and make sure it fits into the space and matches the rest of the kitchen. If this is the only section you’re making changes too, try to maintain the same style that the rest of the kitchen has but also feel free to try something new and different as long as it fits.

If you feel like a change is needed, perhaps a new backsplash can be the answer. It’s possible to install a tile backsplash by yourself but you’re going to need a few tools and supplies such as mastic, spacers, a trowel, a putty knife, a tile saw, grout, sealer and sanded caulk. Larger tiles would make this project easier but wouldn’t give you the same look that subway tiles do.

The little details are important too. A kitchen needs proper lighting and a single ceiling fixture won’t do. You should really consider adding some task lighting and if you want to keep the remodel costs low this is a part that you can do yourself. Install some under-cabinet LED lighting to make your kitchen more functional and also to give it a great look as well. There are numerous different types to choose from, including adhesive LED bands that you can cut to any size you need.

Knowing how to do small repairs and installations around the house is very helpful and useful not just because it saves you some money but also because it give you more freedom to make changes whenever you want to. If you want to upgrade your kitchen faucet then go ahead and do it. It would refresh this part of the house and make it more enjoyable, even if it won’t be a very noticeable change for the others as well. Perhaps you’d like to make a few more changes in the area while you’re at it.

Speaking of small but useful upgrades, it might also be cool to install a USB wall charger outlet in the kitchen. This way you can more easily charge your devices while you’re in here cooking or cleaning plus it would also give your kitchen a more modern look. This is an upgrade that you can take care of yourself and if you’ve installed outlets before this shouldn’t be a big challenge.

Before & After Kitchen Projects

Obviously, one of the biggest upgrades a kitchen could get is new appliances and that doesn’t come cheap. Since this is a big investment, take your take to do some research, read some reviews and find the models that would be best-suited for you and your kitchen. Having matching appliances could be nice from an aesthetic point of view so keep that in mind. Check out dorseydesigns for a few tips on how to choose them.

You can also completely change the look of your kitchen by repainting the walls. Go with a new color that matches your new design direction. For example, this kitchen featured on jacquelynclark has creamy walls which gave it an old and outdated look. The new white walls and ceiling give it a much cleaner and more modern look. The new island looks lovely as well so that’s something to be inspired by as well.

Speaking of using white in the kitchen, check how airy and beautiful this space featured on pinchofyum is. This was a complete renovation, with new furniture, wall paint, flooring and appliances. Naturally, it’s a big change, from old and dark to something modern, bright and with an open and more spacious layout. Knocking some walls or partitions down can potentially make your own kitchen better.

This Northern Virginia home remodeling is a very inspiring one as well. This was a big project which involved lots of changes. The area was reconfigured, the door was relocated, the pantry was moved, new cabinets and shelves were added, the walls were repainted and there are also new countertops and backsplashes. There are lots of other details that make this new kitchen look amazing.

There’s lots of inspiration to be found in the kitchen remodel and expansion featured on Common Wealth Home design. There’s definitely a big change in the overall aesthetic of the space. The kitchen got new fixtures, white cabinets, an elegant island and stylish pendant lamps. The new design also allows a more seamless transition between the kitchen and the living and dining areas. It’s always interesting to think of new ways to organize a room or a section of a large open space.

This kitchen went from a space filled with lots of cabinets into a breezy and airy space with open shelves. Obviously, the change has a big impact on the overall storage and organization of the room so that’s something to take into consideration before doing such a big design change. With the shelves, a lot of items are now in plain sight and that has its pros and cons. Also, it’s not just the furniture that changed but the walls and flooring as well. Also, the new aqua appliances look lovely in combination with all the white surfaces around them. Check out abeautifulmess for details.

When planning your kitchen renovation, think of ways to make this space more functional and once you have a clear idea in mind look for ways to make everything look nice and come up with a design aesthetic. One of the priorities for the remodel featured on lemonthistle was to get new and bigger appliances. Making room for them in the kitchen meant some new furniture was needed as well. One thing led to another and this is the new design that came out of it.

There’s a lovely before and after kitchen remodel on loveandoliveoil that might give you some ideas as well. Here we’re dealing with a small kitchen with an open design. It has a high ceiling and the new design takes advantage of that by adding more storage. The new island is really interesting too. It’s very sleek and smaller than the old one plus it ensures a better visual connection between the kitchen and the rest of the areas around it.

Another idea is to apply a completely new color theme to the entire kitchen. A great example is the design featured on dans-le-townhouse. The new white and aqua combination gives the kitchen a very bright, airy and coastal vibe. We really like the coordinated details and the little wooden accents that break the monotony a bit. A very big change here is the transition from the old wall-mounted cabinetry to the new floating shelves. This opens up the space a lot. Some of the old furniture was kept and repainted and the flooring was preserved as well and that’s a great way to keep the overall cost of the remodel low yet still achieve a completely new look for the space.

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