Modern Furniture Designs with Cool And Exciting Features

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When decorating in a modern style it’s usually the very simple and sculptural-looking pieces that take precedence and stand out most. Modern furniture however can take all sorts of different forms and there are lots and lots of interesting designs to choose from. We’re constantly on the lookout for new and exciting discoveries that we can share with you so let’s check out some of the latest ones.

The Secretaire designed by Michele De Lucchi is a very special type of desk. It’s part of the Alias collection which focuses around the idea of privacy and aims to incorporate screens and space dividers into a variety of different spaces in new and unconventional ways. This is also a very organically-shaped piece. It’s paired here with a beautiful young lady chair which has a swivel mechanism and three slender and gracious legs supporting a round seat.

The Dry table which you see here is a wonderful expression of simple forms and essential beauty. It’s a very rich design with a lot of character but it’s also a very simple-looking piece of modern furniture. The glass top is a perfect companion for the slender and graphical base which is made of aluminum.

The beautiful Platner chair is not a new creation. It’s part of a collection created in 1966 where the modern styles has only beginning to be defined and to take shape. The iconic pieces which became part of this collection have remained stylish and inspiring to this day.

The Barcelona chair is another iconic piece of furniture and a symbol of modern design. It has a very elegant and graceful profile and it’s one of the first furniture pieces which transitioned towards a simple and function-oriented design. It has a very sturdy stainless steel frame with delicate curves and slender lines which supports square-shaped seat and back cushions with elegant tufted squares.

This is the BCN stool. It’s a very interesting-looking piece of furniture with a modern and eye-catching design. The seat has a sinuous shape that folds and curves which is made possible by the use of PTB, a type of plastic with is both very strong and flexible. The frame which supports the seat is slender and graceful, a perfect fit for this intriguing design.

Another example of modern furniture that can pass the test of time is the Elephant chair, a versatile and elegant piece with a simple yet distinguished look. This armchair is available in variety of different versions, with wood or metal legs, a slide-frame base, a rocking or a swivel base or with casters. Its seat can be covered in hide, can be padded and upholstered in fabric and comes in a variety of colors.

There are two major points of interest in this image, these modern designs which complement each other in a very elegant way. One is the beautiful Brera bench designed by Guglielmo Ulrich. It’s a very versatile piece with a rich and sophisticated design and most notable a curved seat covered in leather. Behind it stands a pair of Dorian mirrors designed by Roberto Lazzeroni. Its simple rectangular shape is adorned with an elegant frame covered in leather.

The Fidelio console table was also designed by Roverto Lazzeroni and is yet another beautiful expression of modern simplicity and elegance. It’s a sophisticated-looking piece with a slender and light appearance. The design emphasizes the contrast between the two different materials used. The base is made of solid ash and the top is either in Emperador or Calacatta Gold marble with a polished finish.

Cabinets and storage units are as intriguing and interesting as any other piece of furniture, especially those with modern designs. This one is a great example. The Never Full is a versatile and compact unit made from solid American walnut and plywood veneer. The doors and the side panels have a very distinctive look, being covered with lots of thin strips of walnut. The interior is made from maple wood which adds an elegant contrast to the design. Inside there are either 6 or 8 shelves, depending on the model, with a variety of additional accessories available on request.

Beds are full of potential as well. A lot of modern beds have minimalist designs but at the same time are focused on comfort and aim to create a pleasant soothing ambiance. One example is the Sleeping Muse, a stylish and elegant bed designed by Roberto Mazzeroni. It comes in a variety of different sized and has a strong and durable frame made of solid American walnut and a base made of veneered plywood. The headboard is upholstered and has two slender panels on the sides which frame it beautifully.

The smaller pieces and the accessories are what makes a space feel like home. Without them the interior design would be incomplete. Lighting fixtures are among the most important accessories because they’re absolutely necessary but they’ve also evolved to serve as decorations at the same time. This is the Folk ceiling lamp designed by Vincenzo De Cotiis and which allows the direction of the light to be customized based on the angle at which the lamp is installed.

Mirrors are commonly used in modern and contemporary interior design. They’re versatile decorations that can help make space appear larger and brighter and they can be displayed in lots of interesting ways. The Trixy mirror designed by Marco Pozzoli has a rather unique look. The mirror and the frame are intertwined and together form a unique geometric shape composed in several panels. The frame is available in three different finishes.

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