10 Cool Lighting Fixtures Taken To The Rank Of Art

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A lamp, a pendant or a chandelier can dramatically change a space. Lighting fixtures have a huge impact on the interior design and decor of a room and in many cases they also dictate the type of ambiance associated with that space. On that note, we’re super excited to share with you today some cool lamps and other interesting light fixtures that we think could really spice up your home or work space.

The Pearl Wall Lamp is a magnificent piece, one which draws inspiration from nature and reinterprets that beauty into a design that’s simple yet very interesting and unusual. As the name suggests, the source of inspiration for the design is the pearls which are naturally produced by oysters. The lamp reinterprets that process. It’s made from marble and is carved by hand which makes each individual lamp a unique piece of art.

The Eclipse Wall Lamp is also inspired by nature’s amazing beauty. Its design plays with light and shadow in a unique and mesmerizing way. The lamp is made from marble and metal. Each piece of marble is hand-carved and becomes a unique sculpture. The metal rim is also hand-molded and together these elements form an amazing light fixture unlike any other.

In-es.artdesign offers a wide range of amazing lamps and light fixtures in general, each unique and extraordinary in its own way. The Luna collection for example is inspired by the moon’s mysterious beauty. The lamp is made from nebulite which is a specially-developed material made from resins and fibers. It has an uneven finish which mimics the moon’s irregular surface.

The Be.bop lamp is made by the same company mentioned above. It’s another amazing example which shows the artistic side of each of their collections. This lamp has a really cool design inspired by a very simple kitchen utensil: the grater. It comes in a variety of lively colors and has a strong urban vibe.


This, like all the other products, is a true work of art. The entire Melt series has a very organic vibe. The lamps and chandeliers are reminiscent of molten glass or deep space, featuring irregular shapes and creating wonderful visual effects. Each one is a bold statement and when displayed in groups the effect is multiplied.

The Shift Lamp has a really playful and quirky design. It features a very sleek and simple tripod frame that holds a vinyl shade which in turn looks very simple. The lampshade comes in black and white, the two most versatile and timeless colors which look amazing in combination with the elegant wooden accents.

If you love simple and graphical designs with a hint of industrial style you must definitely like these two gorgeous lamps. The Jules floor lamp and the Star table lamp featured here have a lot of character but manage to also look very simple. They’re the perfect accent pieces for modern and contemporary spaces.

The Eclipse pendant lamps are stunning in their own special way. Each piece is handcrafted out of wood and completely conceals the light bulb. It uses reflection to distribute the light in a pleasant manner and it’s really great for bedrooms where soft and subtle mood lighting is always appreciated.

The Cocoon pendant lamp is ideal for stairwells because of its elongated shape but can also look amazing in hallways and in any space with a high enough ceiling. It features eight laminated timber leaves which wrap around the bulb hanging at the center. It gives off a warm and pleasant glow and its light reveals the beautiful contrast between the inner and outer surfaces of the curving leaves.

This cool lamp is called Amarcord. It was designed by P. Salvadè and has a simple design reminiscent of antique lamps, the kids that people would carry around at night before they had electricity in their homes. The lamp is designed to sit on the floor and is made of solid canaletta walnut and clear glass. It doesn’t have a light bulb and instead features an LED source embedded into the base. 

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