Different Design Strategies That You Can Use To Create An Accent Wall

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Adding an accent wall to a room can really change the entire space. It’s a common design strategy that can be used in tons of different ways and for various purposes. There are many different types of accent walls and lots of ways to incorporate them into a room. Today we’re going to check a few of the many possible options in the hopes to inspire you to create your own beautiful accent wall and to offer you some ideas for future projects.

Natural marble patterns

One of the strategies that you can use is to choose a different material for your accent wall, one that contrasts with the rest of the walls in order for it to stand out. Marble is a great option because it look elegant and sophisticated and it always features unique patterns. There’s no need for extra decorations to make this wall stand out.

Warm wood textures

Wood is another great material for an accent wall because it gives you that nice natural warmth associated with wood in general. You can choose from numerous different varieties with different finishes and textures and you can also stain and treat the wood so it better matches your style.

Honeycomb mirrors

Mirrors in general are great if you want to make a space appear larger and more open than it actually is. Honeycomb mirrors are particularly popular and they’re usually appreciated for their clean and at the same time eye-catching shapes. You can have several displayed on a wall in your living room and turn that into a focal point.

Oversized leaning mirror

Speaking of mirrors, if you like the concept but you’re not a fan of having them displayed on walls, another idea is to have a single large mirror casually leaning against a wall. This works for all sorts of different spaces. In this case the mirror is partially hidden behind the sofa but even so it stands out and it looks amazing.

Multifunctional bookshelves

That’s right, you can use bookshelves as well as other furniture pieces to create a beautiful accent wall. Whether it’s the shape or design of the shelves that stands out, their proportions, the items stored and displayed on them or some other detail, there are many different ways to make this work.

Paint and color

The easiest way to make a wall stand out from all the others is to paint it a different color. This will become the accent color for this particular space so make sure it suits the room. You can potentially make any color look amazing given the right context.

Modern wallpaper patterns

Wallpaper is also excellent, especially if you don’t want to paint the wall or if you want to also introduce a certain pattern into the room’s decor in addition to the accent color. There are infinite patterns and designs to choose from.

A green wall

Green walls are always amazing and we’re not talking about the color. You can cover a wall or a section of it with moss and plants and turn it into a unique focal point for the entire room and also the entire house. This wall can also serve a practical purpose, in addition to looking cool, if you cover it with potted plants and herbs that you can use in the kitchen.

Horizontal wood paneling

If you want to create an accent wall but you don’t want it to be too colorful or to stand out too much, there are a few elegant strategies that you can try. For example, you can install horizontal wood paneling and thus create a subtle pattern on the wall. At the same time, the wood will add texture to space.

Black subway tiles

Subway tiles are incredibly versatile and have a certain timeless beauty and elegance which allows them to stand out in a very pleasant and subtle fashion. You can take that to the next level by also introducing a strong color. Black tiles for example could be used to successfully create an accent wall in areas such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

Grey walls with eye-catching lights

Although grey is a very boring and dull color, it can look very beautiful in certain contexts. You can even create a very beautiful grey accent wall. One of the possible strategies that you can use is to add accent lights.

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