12 Fairy Garden Kits to Add Whimsy to Your Backyard

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Do you spend your evenings out on the porch with a good fantasy novel and a glass of wine? Are you looking for a way to spruce up your garden or home? Do you have young children with more imagination than they know what to do with?

Then you need to try making a fairy garden—seriously!

Today, we’ll explore the concept of a fairy garden and help you take the first steps toward making your own. The spark of childlike creativity will be more than worth the time and effort you put into this, we promise.

What is a Fairy Garden?

A fairy garden is a magical little nook of your house or backyard, lovingly designed to attract fairies (or inspiration).

Fairy gardens are typically created using basic materials and tools that are easily found around the house. For instance, a planter pot may serve as the base and left-over cardboard can be repurposed as garden decorations. There are also numerous fairy garden kits on the market to give you a head start—we’ll talk more about these later.

Putting a fairy garden together is a fun activity to do solo or with your little ones! If you’ve been looking for a relaxing hobby or something to get the whole family together, this may be it.

The mystic charm of a fairy garden in your backyard will add a layer of wonder to the environment and lend you a more promising outlook on life. They can be cute, quirky, bubbly, dark, elaborate, or super-simple. It’s all up to you…

Tips for Making a Fairy Garden

If this is going to be your first attempt at making a fairy garden, you’ll need some pointers and direction before you start. Don’t worry too much about perfection at this stage—just get creative and enjoy the process.

So how exactly does one go about making a fairy garden?

Without going into too much detail, we’ll outline a few factors you should consider before beginning.


Setting a specific theme for your fairy garden will not only breathe life into it, but it will also make the planning much easier.

What kind of setting do you want? Is there a story behind that setting? Are you going for something warm and cheery, or something melancholy? Forest, tundra, or beach? Tea party, vacation resort, or medieval?

Don’t stop there! Use your imagination and think through all the possibilities to discover exactly what you want!

DIY or Buy?

Next, you should determine how much time and effort you’re willing to put into this project.

If you want a really immersive fairy garden-building experience, you can DIY the whole thing using materials you have around the house (or that you can purchase cheap at a craft store). If you don’t have a lot of time in your schedule or aren’t very crafty, you can simply purchase a kit to put together.

Of course, you can also use a mixture of DIY and store-bought items!

Fairy Garden Elements

There are a few basic elements that most fairy gardens include:

  • A base. The base can be anything from an old planter pot to a small hole in the yard. The idea is to have something that encapsulates the garden in some way. Make sure the base is deep enough to hold the surface material, strong enough to support the garden, and designed to withstand sun and weather.
  • A surface. Most fairy gardens use soil or rocks as the surface (rocks can also be used to create the illusion of water or other texture changes in the ground). Grass, moss, and sand are other suitable surface options, depending on the look you want.
  • Get creative here! Common decorations include plants (real or fake), little houses, and benches or chairs for the fairies to sit on. But the sky’s the limit—include any decorations you find fit for your fairy garden.
  • Fairies & Friends. The most important part. You can find individual fairy figurines in craft or hobby stores and online, as well as in sets. You may want to shop around for the fairy or fairies that you feel best complement the world you’ve created for them. Take into account their facial expressions, their clothing, and if they’re performing any action. Have fun with this! And make sure to include figurines of animals or other creatures to keep your fairies company.


The materials you opt for will depend on what look you’re going for and whether your garden will be indoors or outdoors. Outdoor gardens, in particular, will require high-quality materials. Look for those that are sun-resistant, weatherproof, and won’t fade with time.

The highest-quality products on our list are made from resin or polyresin materials, which are known for their ability to endure the weather and regular use. Others have been finished with special coatings that protect the figurines from water, sunlight, and the elements.


Budget is something you have to consider whenever you plan to purchase something or take up a new hobby.

The good news is that you can purchase all kinds of materials and decorations at very little cost! If you’re going to DIY your fairy garden, check your local craft or hobby stores for discounts or head over to a ‘dollar’ store to see what you can find.

If you plan to purchase most of your materials ready-made, ask yourself how much you’re willing to spend. Fairy garden kits are available at a range of price points and with varying features. Shop around and find those that work best for you!

Get Started with a Fairy Garden Kit

Is your head already brimming with ideas for your fairy garden? If so, we think you’re ready.

We’ve done our research and hand-picked the very best fairy garden kits on the market today. Here are our top picks for fairy garden kits—narrow down your favorites and get to work!

Fairy Garden Gnome Accessories Kit

Give your visiting fairies a breath of fresh air with this subtle but welcoming kit from La Jolíe Muse!

Whether you’re just starting out or already have a fairy garden mostly in place, these pieces will make a welcome addition to your fairies’ home away from home.

This adorable fairy garden kit features six pieces: a fairy, a gnome, a bench, a bridge, a stone walkway, and a delightful teapot-shaped house. Especially perfect for forest-themed settings, this set is sure to add character and charm to any fairy garden.

Each of the pieces is sun-resistant and waterproof. The set comes with a satisfaction guarantee—if your product arrives defective, simply contact the company to get a full refund and return the item.

Mini Fairy Gardens Kit for Kids

This is the perfect fairy garden kit for your little ones, though anyone who’s young at heart will fall in love with the thought and detail put into each of its pieces. It features 37 individual pieces and also comes with moss to use as a garden surface or decoration. Fairies, gnomes, animals, a water pump, and food gardens are just a few of the amazing intricacies this set will provide for your fairy garden!

Each piece is made with a waterproof polyresin material, making it safe for use outdoors. The shipper also guarantees replacements for any items broken during shipping—this means no more crying upon opening your package to find just bits and pieces. There will only be happy tears.

PRETMANNS Fairy Garden House Kit

This simple four-piece set from PRETMANNS will add a touch of innocent charm to your fairy garden. Featuring two fairy girls with their pets, a snail and frog holding a welcome sign, and a six-inch-tall house, this set will put you in mind of blissful childhood days.

Each and every piece is painted by hand to ensure a true-to-life appearance that surpasses the quality of most other fairy garden sets. The house is thoughtfully designed with decorative windows, jutting stones, a pinecone roof, and a fully functional door that opens and closes to the house’s hollow interior.

Whether this is your first fairy garden kit purchase or you’re simply adding to your existing garden, you’re going to love the charm these pieces add!

EMiEN 28 Pieces Village Vacation Style Miniature Ornament Kits

This miniature ornament kit features 28 totally-cute pieces, including a kissing couple, boats, ducks, trees, and mushrooms. Inside the package, you’ll also find a bag filled with blue sand; this can be used to create a river, stream, or lake for your fairy garden!

The pieces are made with resin, wood, and plastic, and they’re designed to hold up well against the elements and normal use. Due to their miniature size, they can be used not only as fairy garden decorations, but also for play in doll houses or as shelf décor.

Check it out for yourself and get a glimpse of just how cute your garden could be!

Mood Lab Fairy Garden

This easygoing four-piece set from Mood Lab features three fairy girls and one pinecone house. You’ll find each fairy girl going about her day…one reading, one daydreaming, and one frolicking through the fields. The house features vibrant colors that will look amazing in any garden setting.

Each piece is painted by hand and made from polyresin, ensuring top-notch quality for your fairy garden. Additionally, the pieces have received sun- and water-resistant coating so that they can add life to your garden for years to come.

Little Planters Paint & Plant Fairy Garden

The young and young at heart will love this unique take on fairy garden decorations!

This set includes two fairies, a planter, and real flower seeds—it also features all the tools needed to plant the seeds. The decorative items boast high-quality materials and construction, and they come with a fun twist: you get to paint the planter and fairies yourself! The set includes paints and paint brushes to make this process convenient for you or your little ones.

If you’re looking for a way to connect with your children or grandchildren, consider purchasing this set as an activity to do together. The kiddos will love being able to put their imagination into action through painting and arranging their own mini garden, and you’ll enjoy letting loose your inner child.

Evergreen Garden New Creative Outdoor

This set features four polystone fairy houses, each with a different, earthy design. If your little fairies need someplace to live, this may be the perfect housing solution for your garden.

The mushroom, tree, bark, and pinecone houses will look especially rustic in a forest setting, though they’re fairly versatile for use in any garden. They’re crafted with great attention to detail, from the color shading to the texture to the bright sunflowers growing ‘round one of the houses. It may be exactly what you need to add a little warmth to your fairy garden.

HDNICEZM Fairy Garden Accessories Kit

This mesmerizing 11-piece fairy garden kit has all the works!

Featuring one fairy, a tree stump with flowers, mushrooms, a bench, cute little animals, and a stump with a teeny-tiny tea party setup, you and yours will enjoy gazing at this lovely set each day. Adding to its magic, the stump with flowers lights up at night; the stump uses solar power while the flowers use LED lights. This will make it a major eyepiece for your home when guests come over or when tucking the little ones into bed.

Each piece is painted by hand, treated with UV-protection, and made of a resin material to ensure they last a long time!

MAISANA Fairy Garden Kit Houses & Fairy Garden

This 11-piece fairy garden kit from MAISANA will add gentle elegance to any fairy garden—and light a spark of magic in your heart.

It features one fairy in deep contemplation, a house with cute windows and a working door, two chairs, a birdbath, and even more attractive decorations. Each piece is made of high-quality polyresin, painted by hand, and designed to be water- and weather-proof. It’s a good thing, too: you’ll never want to part with this gorgeous set once you have it all set up in your fairy garden!

Children and adults alike will love setting up, admiring, and playing with the different pieces.

Fairy Garden Miniatures

What fairy garden would be complete without a host of friendly, furry little critters?

This high-quality fairy garden set features several mouse figurines and a hedgehog figurine, the latter of which is smiling wide and carrying a tray of delightful raspberries. These little guys will warm your heart and give your fairies a little company—be careful, though…they may just steal the show!

Professional artisans finish each piece by hand to ensure the highest quality and the most attractive appearance for your garden. See for yourself!

TerraGreen Creations

If you’re looking to create a simple, no-fuss fairy garden, look no further!

This all-in-one kit from TerraGreen Creations features a glass globe, soil, pea gravel, charcoal, and chia seeds, in addition to all the tools needed to plant and care for the seeds. In the package, you’ll also find fun mushroom decorations and moss to add some character.

You and your little ones will enjoy watching day-by-day as the seeds begin to sprout. Before you know it, they’ll be towering over the garden, offering your little fairies the shade and privacy they desire. And if you’re the ‘black thumb’ type who kills everything you try to grow, fret not—the seeds are very hard to kill, even for the worst gardeners (or non-gardeners).


Fairy gardens are the perfect addition to anyone’s home or backyard. Those who love nature, fantasy, or whimsical charm will derive great pleasure from creating and admiring their own fairy gardens!

Now that you have a better idea of what’s out there and how to start preparing for your garden, we hope you’re feeling inspired to take the first steps. We covered a range of fairy garden kits, each with its own special features, themes, and price points.  If you didn’t find what you were looking for, feel free to shop around and see what other products are available to you. You can even go full-DIY if you’re feeling brave.

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