25 garage organization tips and diy projects - 25 Garage Organization Tips and DIY Projects

25 Garage Organization Tips and DIY Projects

When it comes to organizing our home and making it much more efficient, the garage is one of the last places that you think about instantly. It is generally a space that is left to accumulate stuff and over the years, everything that you do not need ‘immediately’ is just tucked away into the garage […]

1560782870 321 tips for planting a succulent garden - Tips for Planting a Succulent Garden

Tips for Planting a Succulent Garden

Succulent gardens range from large planters filled with selections such as echeveria, to an area of the yard that showcases your favorite succulent varieties. In fact, there are so many different varieties to browse, the possibilities seem endless. Their thick, shiny, water-filled leaves give them an almost unreal appearance, making them popular with design lovers […]

10 tips for small dining rooms 28 pics - 28 Tips For Small Dining Rooms

28 Tips For Small Dining Rooms

Small dining room? No need to worry! Turn your small dining room into the focal point of your house with these 10 tips.  1. Mirrors Mirrors boost the perception of space. Especially if you dress up an entire wall with mirror and attach your table to the mirrored wall the outcome will be spectacular. Your 4-seater dining table will all […]

10 small bedroom tips - 10 Small Bedroom Tips

10 Small Bedroom Tips

A small bed room normally affords a number of ache factors with regards to inside design and cupboard space. As such, many dwelling homeowners are sometimes challenged on how to make sure small bedrooms look simply as elegant as their spacious counterparts. Under are ten easy and efficient tricks to make the most effective out […]