traditional a frame home with contemporary style - Traditional A Frame Home With Contemporary Style

Traditional A Frame Home With Contemporary Style

The brief to GSQUARED was to create a simple traditionally inspired home in hardwearing materials, and neutral colours. The architect took on this challenge by creating an H-plan layout with a centralised living space which opens to both a private wind and sun free courtyard or an open view orientated outdoor space with a swimming pool. […]

traditional english kitchen designs - Traditional English Kitchen Designs

Traditional English Kitchen Designs

Plain English are traditionalists. They make kitchens the quaint means, by hand. Larders and laundries, sculleries and pantries; rooms outlined by the dignity of utility, crafted from the absolute best supplies and infused with a singular sense of favor, kitchens begin from £25,000. “We established Plain English in 1992, first establishing store in an previous tannery after […]