10 Modern Homes Reveal The Amazing Potential of Murphy Beds

When you have more furniture than there’s space in a room, there’s much to think about and lots of different strategies to choose from. Things get especially complicated when you want to include a bed in the room but a regular type would just take up too much floor space. That’s when all the wall beds and Murphy bed designs come in handy. It’s amazing how much a single piece of furniture can transform a space.

Murphy beds are perfect for micro apartments, allowing a single room to function as both a living area, a bedroom and even a workspace. We’d even go as far as to say that Murphy beds are the foundation of a successful tiny apartment interior design.

This small apartment in Milan designed by Planair takes the idea of a Murphy bed a step further and features an entirely hidden bedroom. Because this is a 29.5 square meter apartment, the designers chose to save space with a wall bed and also to conceal the whole sleeping area entirely using a mobile wall system.

A Murphy bed also makes it possible for this tiny house to include a lot of different features and furniture pieces into a really small package. Surprisingly, this place only measures 13 square meters and yet manages to include not just the bed but also a standing desk, a dining table, lots of storage and even a cozy seating nook. This was a project by Studiomama.

We also find this 20 square meter apartment from New York to be surprisingly spacious and well-equipped. At first it looks like it’s all nothing but a living space, with a chic pastel sofa on one side and a black open kitchen at the other. The entire perspective changes when the big wall unit opens up and reveals a Murphy bed. This interior design was created by MKCA.

When designing this space in Alicante, Spain, studio La Errería was guided by a desire to create a flexible and versatile living environment so they opted for white walls, concrete flooring and an open and airy floor plan which was possible thanks to the wall bed system that completely takes the bedroom out of the equation during daytime.

This is another really cool apartment that shows just how much you can fit into a small space by being clever and creative. The apartment was designed by studio Michael K Chen Architecture and is located in New York. It has this large blue cabinet that takes up quite a bit of space but includes a bed, a desk, a table and kitchen storage among other features.

Instead of dividing this already small apartment into even smaller areas via conventional solid walls, design studio PKMN chose to use furniture instead so they built these amazing rotating walls that have things like a Murphy bed and bookshelves built into them and this way they allowed the apartment to be highly flexible as well as space-efficient and cool-looking.

If you don’t want a Murphy bed in your master bedroom that’s understandable since it can get pretty annoying having to fold it up and down every day. For guest bedrooms, however, this is an absolutely perfect option. we find this apartment designed by PKMN Architectures to be very inspiring in this sense. It features rotating walls with built-in beds that change the structure and layout of the apartment in a matter of seconds, creating extra bedrooms for guests.

A while ago ARCHSTUDIO completed the renovation of a Siheyuan which is a historical residence in Beijing. they converted it into a space which can be rented by businesses or individuals. As expected, they went for a flexible, multifunctional design approach. One of the areas is a leisure room which can be easily converted into a bedroom by simply folding down the Murphy bed.

Architecture studio Waataa converted a series of commercial spaces from Lisboa, Portugal into apartments and the new interior designs are very cool. They kept the layout very simple and they focused on space-efficiency since the apartments are small. Here you can see a Murphy bed cleverly hidden inside a storage unit. When not needed, it folds up and disappears into the wall, removing any trace of a bedroom and making room for daily activities.

Designed by architect Frank Gehry in the 1970s, this residence from Los Angeles has been recently updated, a project completed by studio dan brunn architecture. As expected, the interior is spectacular. The ground floor has this amazing open and continuous feel to it, with a pivoting wall that elegantly conceals a multifunctional space with a Murphy bed framed by a bookcase. This space can either be a library or a guest room and in both cases it looks elegant, modern and has lots of character.

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