Quiet Sophistication Draped in the Best of Cape Town: Stunning Clifton 301 by OKHA

To say that this apartment in Clifton 301 is anything but sensational would be an understatement indeed! Designed by OKHA on the inside and nestled in a gorgeous contemporary building created by SAOTA, this amazing apartment overlooks Cape Atlantic Ocean and does so while draping its residents in complete opulence. With the iconic image of Table Mountains on one side and the Twelve Apostles on the other and the ocean just a stone’s throw away, this is an apartment where the scenery outside leaves you absolutely spellbound. On the inside things are no different as OKHA combine a sense of opulence and urban sophistication with the best of Cape Town.

Luxurious living area of the Clifton 301 apartment

You can see a brilliant blend of natural granite, dappled woods, glass and steel inside the apartment – elements that perfectly epitomize the natural beauty and modern refinement of Cape Town. A neutral color palette is accentuated by the remarkable textural contrast that these granite, steel, wood and natural finishes bring. With the living area, kitchen and dining space playing second fiddle to the colors of sunrise, sunset and the ocean outside, the balance of elements along with comfy custom décor is truly remarkable.

An inviting, engaging and outstanding contemporary apartment where luxury and nature find space next to one another. [Photography: Niel Vosloo / Peter Bruyns / Adam Letch / Melissa de Freitas]

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Open plan living area, kitchen and dining space of the polished apartment in Cape Town
Port Mirror and Tofu dining chairs add class to the interior
Sliding glass doors delineate the dining space from the balcony
Spectacular view of the ocean beyond from the dining room and the balcony
Artists armchair coupled with custom granite top side table in the living room
Bespoke bench bed designed for the posh bedroom with ocean views
Custom tables in black granite along with comfy chairs for the amazing balcony with ocean views

Our first objective was to individualize the space by modulating the internal color palette. The palette is intentionally and carefully controlled and restrained to embrace the ever-changing colors of the sunrise and sunset, which are the real centerpiece and art show. The panoramic exterior allows you to feel as though you are hovering right above the water’s surface.

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Exquisite use of vases to create a display that is modern and attractive
Finding space for the perfect modern nightstand
Gorgeous and ergonomic home office with custom decor
View of the entrance of the polished apartment with ocean views
Amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean from the contemporary apartment building in Cape Town
Clifton Terraces 301 designed by SAOTA overlook stunning Cape Atlantic Ocean

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