DIY Woven Baskets Into A Plant Wall Decor

Create art for your wall that is both beautiful and functional. Upgrade simple baskets with various yarn patterns to turn them into chic plant wall deocr or vessels to display trendy air plants. Add color with your yarn or keep it simple with black and white. This is the perfect way to add a boho vibe to any space and the most simple and easy project. Great for any beginner!

 Plant Wall Decor

Supplies you’ll need for plant wall decor:

  • Woven baskets (size and shape can be variable but sets of 3 and 5 look very nice)
  • Sewing scissors
  • Large needle
  • Roll of pearl cotton or yarn
  • Plants (air plants or small plants, size to be determined by the size of your baskets)

Instructions to make the beautiful plant wall decor:

Step 1: Threat

Cut a large strand of pearl cotton and thread it through the edge of the basket.

Step 2: Threading process

Continue to thread and wrap the pearl cotton around the edge of the basket, creating an evenly spaced pattern around the basket. Pull gently on the pearl cotton as you thread it as not to break your thread. If you do break your thread, neatly cut the thread at the edge of the basket. It should stay in place if your basket has a tight weave, if not then tie an inconspicuous knot and start threading again.

Step 3: Knotting

Finish off your basket by knotting the end piece of thread with the thread that is hanging off the basket where you started. Cut off any excess.

Step 4: Same technique on the rest of the baskets

Embellish the rest of your baskets with this same technique. Opt for the same evenly spaced pattern, space tighter or closer together, or create a fun pattern of wrapping small sections and then skipping large spaces. The possibilities are endless!

Once all your baskets are done, mount them to the wall. If you use deeper baskets, you can put actual mini plants (planted in their plastic containers) into the baskets. If you use a more shallow basket, then you may want to opt for an air plant. The easiest way to attach your basket to the wall is to puncture a nail through the side of your basket and then nail it directly into the wall. This should keep your basket in place. Position your plant, step back and enjoy!

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