Inspiring Laundry Room Makeover Ideas With Amazing Results

It’s easy to put off reorganizing or renovating areas such as the pantry or the laundry room because they’re perceived as secondary, utilitary spaces. However, we shouldn’t underestimate how much a well-designed and well-organized laundry room matters. Even if it’s a small space which you don’t use very often it’s important to enjoy being there every time. With that in mind, check out some of these inspiring laundry room makeover projects and start planning your own.

Making a laundry room appear warm and cozy is not as easy as doing the same thing for a bedroom or a living room mainly because there’s not much space to work within the first place and because the room has to be first and foremost functional and practical. Of course, there are always ways to achieve that. A good example is the makeover project featured on howtonestforless which shows how shiplap and shelving can completely change a room.

When planning a laundry room makeover organization is key so make sure you include plenty of storage in the form of shelves, closed cabinets or drawers. They should be easily accessible and space efficient and it’s a good idea to build them around the appliances, as shown here

You should also plan your laundry room based on how you’ll be using the space. Try to picture yourself in there and think of how you’d like everything to be organized and how you might enjoy doing all laundry-related activities. For example, you might prefer to have a handy place for hanging clothes right after you take them out of the drier (check out this great DIY drying rack idea from cedarlanefarmhouse) or maybe you’d like a lot of open shelves near the washing machine for all your supplies. Check out southernrevivals for more inspiring ideas.

Even if you don’t plan on making any major changes regarding the way things are organized in your laundry room or on adding more furniture, a change of decor would still make a big difference. You can clearly see that in these before and after images from abeautifulmess. Check out the full project for more details.

Obviously, some laundry rooms need a complete renovation in order to actually look good and even though there’s a lot to think about before taking on such a project, the result is worth the effort. One of our favorite laundry room transformations is a project featured on thriftdiving.

Because laundry rooms are usually very small it’s very important to plan them just right and to consider all alternatives. For example, stacking the washer and dryer may seem like a good space-saving solution but that’s not always the case. As you can see here, placing them side by side turned out to be a much better option, allowing for a countertop, cabinets and a hanging rack to be added above. This is a project featured on gatherandflourish.

Even something as simple as a change of color can change the whole look and ambiance of a room. In regards to the laundry room specifically, we suggest considering painting the walls and focusing a bit on the details and the accessories such as the light fixture and some lovely decorations that you could hang on the walls. The inspiration comes from a project featured on redflycreations.

Another detail to take into consideration when giving your laundry room a makeover is that small spaces and dark colors don’t always go well together, especially when there’s not much natural lighting either. Consider a light or bright color for the walls and something similar for the furniture. The white and turquoise combo featured on camerasandchaos is a really great example.

Every laundry room needs a good amount of storage and usually, a wall-mounted cabinet does the trick. You could add one above the washer and dryer and also maybe add a countertop as well if possible. A step stool can help you reach the upper shelves and you’ll have plenty of room to store all the laundry products in there. Let this project from redflycreations inspire you.

A makeover doesn’t necessarily have to involve any big structural changes. You can change the look just by applying a few fresh coats of paint and that applies to both the walls and the furniture. We love how subtle the project from timelesscreationsmn is. The new color palette is perfect for this space and we love the new countertop and sink frame.

When you’re pretty much starting from scratch you have more freedom and you get to also plan the basics of a laundry room. You can choose where you want the washer and dryer to be placed and how you’re going to use all the space around them. There’s a very comprehensive makeover project on cherishedbliss which can offer you more inspiring ideas in this sense.

As we mentioned before, a light color palette suits laundry rooms and we just found an amazing example which supports this idea. The pastel pink door is simply exquisite and goes great with the floor tile pattern, the crisp white walls and the subtle golden accents. The green wreath is a really great touch as well, bringing out the color of the door and contrasting with the decor. You can achieve a similar effect in a variety of different ways. Find the combinations that work best for you. Check out classyclutter to find out more details about this amazing laundry room makeover.

As always, when planning a laundry room makeover you should take into consideration all the specific characteristics of the space that you’re working with. For example, a pitched roof might not allow you to opt for the usual wall-mounted cabinets but you could use this detail to your advantage to make the space seem welcoming and cozy. Keep in mind that custom furniture is often the best option for difficult layouts and designs. Check out the striped floor and how nicely it complements this particular laundry room decor.  Find out more on mylove2create.

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