Modern Chairs That Will Quickly Transform the Look of any Room

The chair is such a basic piece of furniture — essentially four legs and a seat. Yet designers keep upping the ante on style and function when it comes to chairs. New configurations highlight different materials, push the visual limits and pay homage to classic designs. These fresh statement-making chair designs are ideal for livening up a space when you want a change and can’t completely redecorate. A new armchair or set of seats for the dining table can completely transform a room with little effort. Take a look at these modern chairs for some ideas on how to shake up your own rooms.

The Palm chair from Bolia is a great example of a new design that is inspired by the long Scandinavian tradition of timeless design. Designed by Says Who, the chair is crafted from beautiful wood in a design that is at the same time classic and contemporary. The upholstered seat adds texture to the smart curving seat design. Offering up beauty as well as comfort, the seat comes in black oak, oak, walnut and white pigmented oak, while options for the legs include black stained oak, oiled walnut, oiled oak, and white oiled oak.

Sleek golden legs meld with the curved back of the Coast Chair from Ghidini 1961. Rather than just plain tubular legs, the chair features a slightly flattened profile for the leg, which ebbs and flows as it forms the seat and the back. The metal is decidedly shiny and bright, but still has a modern, slightly minimal edge thanks to the spare nature of the design. The seats and backs can be upholstered in leather or other textile options. The chair was designed by Branch, a design and branding agency that was founded by Josh Morenstein and Nick Cronan in 2013. The two were previously design directors for Yves Behar’s fuseproject and Dr. Dre’s Beats brand.

A visual hybrid of classic elements, the Utility Highback Armchair from Stellar Works has an industrial flair combined with a totally sophisticated silhouette. Comfort is paramount in this chair, designed by Neri & Hu. Highly durable, the highback model is part of a larger collection that includes lounge chairs, barstools and stools that feature old-world, luxurious materials. The solid wood legs are paired with plywood panels, a stainless steel brass finish and a variety of upholstery choices. These updated designs are very versatile and can work with a variety of decor styles in just about any room of the house.

If simple style with great comfort is the goal, then the Aryn chair from Inclass is a perfect choice. Designed by Jonathan Prestwich, the seats are available in 12 different colors of plastic and you have the option of having the seats be fully upholstered. The chairs are light but very durable and strong. Moreover, they are great for use as extra seating for guests because both styles — sled base and four legs — stack for easy storage when not in use.

People across the globe are in love with the Flow chair from Plycollection because each chair has a unique look. Designed by Jakob Berg of Denmark, the design is flawless because it is formed from plywood with no screws or metal joints. The curving design is light, both in visual aesthetic as well as actual weight. The backrest angle and height are the greatest features as anyone who sits in it will find it comfortable. even better, the Flow can be stacked up to 10 high, making it another ideal chair for extra seating when you entertain.

Also from the Plycollection, the Frame chair is also made from plywood with a solid wood insert that has been molded into a single-piece chair. The thickness of each part varies with the section even though the chair is pressed all in one single process. Designed by Komplot Design of Denmark, the Frame features a cutout section in the back, inspiring its name and giving it a visually light appearance. The design is simple and strong without any weak points. A bonus is that the chair can also be stacked sideways up to six high, making storage very easy. It’s a great choice for spaces where you want a beautiful chair that is unobtrusive.

Globally acclaimed designer Jaime Hayón created his first plastic chair, one that has elegance and a beautiful form that would be impossible with wood. Hayón’s Milà chair is the result of his artistry and is a very dynamic design. He teamed up with Magis Design and leveraged their expertise in injection-molding to create this very special piece. Based on the forms found in Catalan modernism, the chair is very elegant, something that can’t be said about many plastic pieces. The chair would look as great in the dining room as it would on the patio and is suitable for both because it is made from polypropylene with glass fiber added. The Magis logo is stamped on each product of our collection vouching for their originality.

Buttoned up but definitely not stuffy, the Tailor chair from Offecct is a design that has a character and exceptional comfort. Designed by Louise Hederström of Sweden, the chair is very portable because it is easily disassembled. Inspired by fashion, the chair can be dressed in different textiles. ”Different patterns for clothes have inspired me in my work on Tailor, and this gives the chair a unique character. The way the seat and the backrest are put together are highlighted with buttons, an important aesthetically detail,”  Hederström says. The seat is crafted from laminated wood covered in cold foam and then fully upholstered. It’s a very fashion-forward design that looks great anywhere.

A mix of modern sensibility and classic Scandinavian design, the Penne chair is actually a groundbreaking design because it is the first chair ever to have legs made from laminated wooden tubes. Designed by Julia Läufer and Marcus Keichel for Lammhults, it was intended to become an iconic piece and at the same time an industrial product. It’s a design that truly melds craftsmanship and technology in a lively design.  From the versatile shape to the fun colors available, it’s a fresh addition to any kitchen or dining room. Or, you can have this design outside because it’s also available made with legs made from powder-coated aluminum tubes, suitable for outdoor use. When not in use, these chairs can also be stacked for storage.

For making a colorful addition to a space, the Canteen Utility Chair is a versatile and durable choice. The metal and wood design is visually light and its monochrome finishing is very stylish. Designed for VG&P by Ed Carpenter and André Klauser, the chair is available in wine red, signal red, light pink and graphite, with both the metal and the wood the matched in color. The company says that the chair was inspired by the classic design of the post-war British school chair. Overall, it’s a form that is simple, lightweight and highly versatile. The frame is crafted with a single continuous piece of precision bent tubular steel so that it has no unsightly welds. The seat is made from 12mm thick plywood, creating a mix of materials that has a bit of a retro feel.

Sometimes outdoor furniture can feel a little lacking in distinction and style, but the Jeanette Chair from SP01 packs plenty of both into its ethereal silhouette. The low line of its profile, combined with the wire grid seat, make it very chic for any patio or deck. Designed by Tom Fereday, the seat seems to be suspended like a basket in the softly arcing main frame, creating an elegant seat. Designed for the outdoors, it is equally at home indoors by the dining table thanks to its visual flair. The steel wire is powder coated and sports three protective layers for durability. The Jeanette Chair is also available with a seat pad or can be upholstered with a soft seat cushion for both indoors and out.

Plushly upholstered but casually elegant, the Nirvana chair from Ronda Design has a simple profile that’s perfect for any dining area. Its spare shape is ergonomic and very comfortably upholstered with either leather or another type of textile. The main structure of the chair is made from painted metal that can be finished in white, black, graphite, matte copper, titanium, or matte brass. Designed by Studio 28, Nirvana is a gorgeous chair.

Among solid wood designs, the Merano Chair from TON is super stylish and ideal for a space that has a Scandinavian vibe. The design is comfortable and family-friendly, with its solid wood bottom and complementary shapes of bent plywood that make up the seat and the backrest. Innovative technology makes the chair very light and unmarred by screws, nails or other metal pieces. The chair, designed by Alex Gufler, is the type of piece that can become a beloved family heirloom thanks to its sturdy construction and attractive lines.

A spare frame in a sled shape is the base of the Gala chair from Calligaris. The black metal is visually and texturally contrasted with the upholstered seat and back, which can be done in sumptuous velvet or luxurious leather. The refined shape is ideal for a contemporary dining room that needs chairs that have a hint of nostalgia about them. The tubular frame is topped with a rectangular metal backrest. and elastic belts that support the upholstered seat. The Gala chair, part of a collection that includes stools, was designed by Busetti / Garuti / Redaelli.

A new design honoring an established classic, the two-tone Thonet 214 is a special version of the famous Thonet Coffee House Chair 214. Available in four fresh color combinations, the connecting elements of the chair are lighter in color than the seat ring and legs. The original 1859 design was re-interpreted by Studio Besau Marguerre using stains that give the chair a translucent effect. The colors create a graphic effect and emphasize the curve of the backrest. Even with the fresh update, the Thonet 214 is still the same as the original: Six parts, ten screws and two nuts. This new color refresh brings new life to this classic cafe chair that is deal for any kitchen.

For a modern dining chair that beings a bright pop of color, the Lansen Furniture chair is a perfect choice. The x-shaped base is made from solid wood that has a natural finish and the upholstered seat is filled with plush high-density foam and covered in a durable textile. The seat has plenty of elegant curves and a rectangular space in the back that lightens the overall aesthetic. The mid-century flair that the chair provides makes it ideal not just for the dining room, but also for the living room as an accent chair.

Elegant and eye-catching, the Duhome Accent Chair also has a mid-century vibe with a good dose of refinement. The sweep of the rounded, upholstered back is dramatic and make for a very comfortable seat. The velvet accent chair is set on a sturdy metal base that provides some glamour to any room on the house — from the bedroom, to the living room or the home office. The sumptuous gray velvet upholstery is a perfect match with the metal, coming together into a very attractive chair.

Another mid-century-style of chair is the Green Forest Velvet Dining Chairs that features rich velvet in a diamond quilted pattern on the back. The extra detailing on the back is a very nice addition to a dining room in particular because the backs are more visible than the fronts of the chairs. Plushly upholstered in a soft pink hue, the chairs come in pairs and are ideal as dining chairs or as accent chairs. Four metal legs make up the base of the chair and are outfitted with special rubber pads at the end to protect the floor. The padded backrest makes the seat super comfortable for any length of time.

Lovers of mid-century modern design will want to have these Belleze accent chairs because they have all the features that are hallmarks of this design era. Contoured bent plywood seats and backs are padded and upholstered in a leather substitute. Contrasting materials of the dark wood and the white upholstery give the chairs a fresh feeling. The straight wooden legs are attached with stylish steel supports and fitted with pads to protect the floor. The strong structure makes the chair durable for the long haul and will grace the living room for years.

A classic wood dining chair with modern flourish, the Francie chair from Christopher Knight Home is perfect for any dining room. Guests will want to linger when seated in these stylish chairs that feature tapered legs and a unique but spare backrest. The seat is upholstered in a neutral fabric that will easily work into an existing dining room decor scheme. These are a really good choice for livening up a dining room that has a mid-century or Scandinavian vibe.

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