4th of July Decoration Ideas That Can Transform Your Home In A Moment

Even though the stores are probably full of 4th of July-themed decorations around this time of the year and a lot of them can look cute and interesting, we much rather prefer DIY 4th of July crafts because they’re really unique and they have lots of character. This year we prepared a bunch of cool projects for you to have a look at and be inspired by so let’s not waste any more precious time and start checking them out one by one.

First, some 4th of July bunting, something that you can hang outside and frame your entryway with. You can make it out of red, white and blue butcher paper and the amount you’re going to need varies based on how long you need the bunting to be. You’ll also need fishing line, a sewing needle and a hot glue gun. Check out thehousethatlarsbuilt for more details.

If you want to make your house look festive you could also hand one of these cool star banners. You can make it out of cardboard. You’ll need red, white and blue cardboard paper, spray adhesive or glue, a perforator, a craft knife and some ribbon. Check out cuckoo4design to find out how to make 3D star templates.

It’s not really 4th of July without firecrakers and in that spirit we’d like to share with you a lovely project that we found on tinselandwheat. It shows you how to make wood firecracker decorations which you can display out on the porch or anywhere else you want. We really like the simple design and the toned down color palette.

Since you’ll probably be celebrating the 4th of July mostly outside, we thought you might enjoy this themed planter idea from apumpkinandaprincess. This is obviously something that you can use all year round but the little vinyl decorations make it a funky project idea for the 4th of July. You can take out the stickers afterwards and add new ones on different occasions.

If you’re also planning a festive lunch or dinner, you’re probably in need of some patriotic table decor ideas. Luckily, we have some suggestions, starting with these lovely rustic wood rounds decorated with red and blue flowers. They go perfectly with the rest of the themed decor. You can add more colorful flowers to make a festive centerpiece for the table.

Now is also a good time to make something out of all those scrap fabric pieces you’ve been saving and a cute idea can be to make a 4th of July garland. You’re going to need little pieces of fabric in red, white and blue. You can mix and match different shades of these colors and different patterns. Make the garland as long as you want to.

Since we’ve started talking about projects that involve recycled materials, you might also like to check out this beautiful American flag decoration which is made out of reclaimed wood. You could use a pallet or some scrap wood pieces from previous projects. In any case, have fun painting the flag pattern. You can use a template for the stars or you can just freehand the entire thing. Check out myfrugaladventures for more details.

A more common project can be a patriotic wreath. There are lots and lots of 4th of July wreath ideas to choose from. The design featured on vickybarone is rather simple but that doesn’t mean it lacks character. To make one just like this you’re going to need a wreath form, white felt flowers, red and white twine, mini clothespins, red and blue felt and red ribbon.

Aren’t these little flags just adorable? They’re easy to make too. You only need some wooden paint sticks which you should be able to find at your local hardware store, some red and white acrylic paint, foam paint brushes and a staple gun. The project is explained in more detail on theproperblog.

We also found another cute project, this time on justalittlecreativity. It’s a house number banner and it’s something that you can put on display all year round. To make it you’re going to need canvas, some painter’s tape, chevron frog tape, some red, white and blue craft paint, carbon paper, white glue, two wooden dowels, four dowel caps, Heat N Bond and some rope or twine.

When was the last time you recycled an empty can? It’s not something many of us do which is a real shame because tin cans can be super versatile when it comes to DIY projects and home crafts. Check out for example these colorful tin can windsocks featured on the-wilson-world. You could make something similar using spray paint, star stickers and ribbon strips.

You can also turn tin cans into 4th of July table decorations. Clean them and remove the labels, then spray paint them. We suggest three cans: a white one, a blue one and a red one. You can tie a little ribbon around each one or add some star-shaped decorations if you want to. You can then proceed to use the cans as storage containers for spoons, forks and knives or you can put little flags in them, as suggested on stockpilingmoms.

Mason jars are also very versatile, even more so than tin cans. A nice idea if you want to turn a jar into a 4th of July ornament is to wrap it in colored yarn and to use it as a vase or as a candle holder. You can use yarn in red, white and blue  and if you want to you can also decorate the blue section with little white stars. There are lots of uses for something like this. You can find some inspiration on albiongould.

A little bit of paint can go a long way. A lot of projects on this list support this idea, including this patriotic flower pot with a stars and stripes pattern on it. You can use painter’s tape to make the stripes look perfect but you can also go for a more unique and rustic look which uses imperfections in its favor. You can paint the stars at the end and you can use a bit of sandpaper to give the pot a worn look.  Check out lollyjane for more details.

Speaking of stars, you can paint a bunch of them directly onto your lawn. Make sure you use special paint for grass which won’t damage the lawn and isn’t permanent. You could look for a star template at your local stores or you can just as easily make one yourself out of a piece of cardboard. This funky idea comes from theconcretecottage so check it out for more details. The star can be simply decorative but if you want to you can also have some fun setting up a 4th of July twister lawn area so the whole family and guests can have fun playing.

This 4th of July decor idea from thecountrychiccottage has a nice rustic appearance gives by the barn wood stars that act as frames for the candles and by the tea-stained flag which gives up the crisp white details in favor for a distinct time-worn shade. In addition to these two elements, the project also includes candles wrapped in red burlap ribbon and jute twine.

If you like working with wood, check out a project that was featured on makingofamom. It teaches you how to make 4th of July firework blocks. You either need a firework blocks craft kit or three blocks of wood which you can cut and sand yourself. You’ll also need acrylic paint in red, white and blue, paint brushes and a drill. The wicks are made of wire so if you’re not using a kit make sure you get some separately.

This patriotic windsock would look great outside on the porch or hanging from a tree in the yard. Of course, if you’d rather skip the whole 4th of July theme and make something more versatile you can customize the design however you want. To make this you’re going to need a wooden embroidery hoop, a swivel clasp or ann S hook, skinny ribbon in whatever colors you prefer, some thicker ribbon too, some tulle, a hot glue gun, a ric rac, long fabric scraps and twine. Check out the instructions on heyletsmakestuff.

A cute table runner can bring together your 4th of July decor quite nicely and is also something that you might actually enjoy making, given how easy the project. We found this idea on theshabbycreekcottage. All that’s needed is some burlap fabric, a piece of foam which you can cut into the shape of a star (you’ll need 3 stars) and acrylic paint in red, white and blue. The idea is super simple: once you have the dimensions right and cut out the burlap, paint one side of the foam star and then push against the burlap to transfer the paint. Repeat as many times as you want, using all three colors.

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