How To Make Garden Stepping Stones With Unique and Quirky Designs

There’s a lot that you can do to make your garden look mesmerizing and beautiful. Stepping stones for example can really spice up the decor. They’re not just something you add for practical reasons. They can also be wonderful focal points in your design and there’s actually a lot that you probably didn’t know you can do with stepping stones. We’ll reveal some of the ideas down below.

First of all, did you know you can actually make your own stepping stones from scratch? This opens up a whole series of possibilities when it comes to their shapes, sizes and designs. These ones featured on craftsbycourtney have bits of decorative glass and shells in them. They’re also round and they look very chic.

Another very cool idea is to make embossed stepping stones. These ones were featured on dreamalittlebigger and they look very stylish and elegant. If you want to pursue this idea, you’ll need the following: a rubber decorative doormat with a pattern that you like, stepping stone kits, sturdy scissors, cooking spray, fine concrete and sandpaper.

Wouldn’t it cool to make custom stepping stones with themed designs? These ones for example have Doctor Who-themed designs on them and they look absolutely amazing. They’re also pretty easy to make too. You can find out all about this project by checking out the tutorial on ournerdhome.

The stenciled stepping stones featured on designimprovised are also very cool. They’re made from concrete pavers and they have a colorful pattern painted on them using a stencils. It’s a great way to add some color to your garden or your backyard and a great way to express your creativity at the same time.

A wonderful design ideas for garden stepping stones is to create leaf imprints. It’s a technique described on gardentherapy for which you can actually use some beautiful-looking leaves from your own garden. You’ll also need some plastic containers, vegetable oil, a foam brush, concrete, a trowel and a bunch of small rocks.

Using molds you can create all sorts of different types of stepping stones. These ones are heart-shaped and look really adorable. If you want to make them even cuter you can also paint them so they stand out more. In any case, this should be a very simple project. You can find out all about it on hometalk.

Here’s a genius idea for those of you who have little kids: make a classic hopscotch grid in the garden or the backyard using stepping stones. All you need to do is paint a bunch of stones or pavers and then arrange them in the right pattern. This cool idea comes from readbetweenthelimes.

You know what else you can use in order to make your custom stepping stones look quirky and interesting? Some broken dishes. It’s an idea that we found on overthebigmoon and that’s absolutely fabulous.  Next time you break a plate or a cup you’ll know better than to just throw it away.

These embossed stepping stones are pretty similar to those already mentioned but have slightly different designs. To make something similar you either need some sort of shallow circular trays that you can use as molds or you can just use cardboard tubing. The other important item you’re going to need is a rubber doormat with a fun design. Check out nancymizelle in case you need more details.

The best about making your own stepping stones from scratch is that you can make them look unique and special. It’s a lot of fun to create the custom designs for them and even the kids can participate. You can let them play around with colorful glass stones to decorate the stones. For more inspiration you can check out pinkandgreenmama.

Simple and minimalistic designs can also look amazing on your custom stepping stones. A nice example is this fun little project that we found on yeahvintage. It shows you how to make funky stepping stones with simple geometric designs. All you need is concrete blocks, masking tape and some spray paint in any colors you prefer.

That’s a pretty detailed and complex design for a stepping stone and it might seem like a difficult task but it’s really not. All you need is to find the right mold for your stepping stones. You might enjoy using one of those catering container lids, the kids that can give you this cool pattern with an interesting edge. Check out rosyscription for details.

A really cute idea can be to personalize your garden stepping stones with imprints of your hand, your kid’s little feet or the paws of your pets. You can immortalize them in concrete and also give your stepping stones a cool story that you can then share with others. The idea comes from makingthingsisawesome.

We saved this project from diyeverywhere for last because it’s the most complex and difficult of all. The tutorial shows you exactly how you can make faux wood stepping stones for your garden using concrete. It’s not exactly easy but it’s well worth the effort if you like the look.

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