20 Charming Projects Featuring Mason Jar Light Fixtures

You can use mason jars in a lot of cool DIY projects and while a lot of them have to do with the storage of various different types of items there are also some less predictable and quite interesting options. Today we’re covering 20 different projects featuring Mason jar lights and they’re all inspiring but also simple enough to be tackled by just about anyone. As it turns out, turning Mason jars into light fixtures is not that difficult so let’s get into it.

While solar lanterns are very practical and perfect for the outdoors, they’re rarely good-looking and they usually lack character. That’s why we think this project from brepea is wonderful. All you need if you want to make your own solar-powered jar lanterns is 2.5” width solar lights, mason jars, small hooks, 18 gauge wire and needle-nose pliers.

Of course, you can also use Mason jars for all sorts of other projects, including this cool vanity light fixture featured on blesserhouse. The project requires two jars, bronze spray paint, an actual builder grade light fixture, a hammer ans a nail. You’re not actually making it all from scratch but actually giving the fixture a makeover.

Finding a good night light which doesn’t really cost a small fortune is not exactly a walk in the park. You can make sure yours is exactly how you want it to be by actually making it yourself. Naturally, you’re going to need a Mason jar. The other supplies, which are enumerated on momdot, include Krylon SeaGlass paint and Krylon Glitter Blast in Starry Night as well as an LED Lighted Lid Insert. 

You can also use Mason jars to make luminaries. It’s not only simple but also quite fun. For this project, you need the following materials: jars, hair spray, glitter and Moon Lights. The whole process is explained on theshabbycreekcittage so check it out to find out some useful tips.

A Mason jar can also be repurposed into a base for your new DIY table lamp. This can be a nice project if by any chance you already have a broken lamp and you can reuse the lampshade and the other working parts. Check out redberrybarn to find out how to complete the transformation.

There’s also a cool tutorial on instructables which teaches you how to make solar jar lights that you can hang outside on your patio, deck or garden. The materials required for the project include solar lights, mason jars, copper wire, screw hooks and molding clay. The project is simple and the lanterns are very versatile.

There’s also the option to use several Mason jars in your project to make a chandelier-like fixture which you can hang above the kitchen island or the dining table. In this case you’re going to need a cheap 6 bulb vanity light, screws, paint, 6 jars with lids and screw caps, rope, some wire and a metal hook. The details can be found on instructables.

We also found this other really cool project tutorial which describes how you can make an amazing chandelier with ten hanging lights. There’s definitely room for customization here so feel free to add your on touch to the design. You can display your new chandelier in the living room or the staircase hall if you want to take advantage of the high ceiling. You can find the details on instructables.

For your desk you could make a lamp out of a Mason jar and a bunch of metal pipes and fittings. It would definitely have an industrial vibe and if you want to you can spray paint the parts to make your lamp look more colorful and cheerful. You can also use a colored bulb if you want to although white light would be more practical most of the time. The tutorial can be found on instructables.

For those areas that could use a new light fixture but not a very flashy and eye-catching one but rather one that looks humble and has a lot of subtle charm and a touch of rustic beauty, this project from instructables is just right. As you can see, the design is simple and includes a wooden box that conceals all the wires and four mason jar shades.

These are Mason jar firefly lanterns and they work out great as table centerpieces or accent lights casually displayed on shelves, in room corners or outside. It’s super easy to make these. You take a jar and you fill it with a string of battery-operated fairy lights and a bunch of dried moss, pine cones and other such things. You can find additional details on lilblueboo.

There are various different types of Mason jars. They come in different sizes, shapes and even colors and you can combine two or more types when making your own Mason jar light fixture. That’s actually just what this project from froufrugal puts an emphasis on. This is a fixture with 3 lights, the middle one hanging lower than the others and having a bigger jar shade.

A beautiful and relaxing al fresco retreat is not complete with a cozy-looking set of lights and as it happens we have the perfect idea in mind. We’re talking about a very cool project that we found on francoisetmoi. It shows you how to make a Mason jar lantern garland which would look amazing out on the porch, the deck or in your backyard or garden.

Making Mason jar lanterns is incredibly easy and one really great idea that you can use in your own future projects is to cover the outside of the jars with patterned paper or tissue paper to create themed designs for your lanterns. There’s a tutorial on apieceofrainbow which explains how these 4th of July-themed jar lanterns were made.

Doesn’t this porch light look beautiful? It’s so simple but at the same time so charming and we really love the authenticity of pure nature of the materials involved. If you want to make something similar for your own porch or even for one of the indoor spaces, you can check out the details of the project on savedbylovecreations.

This here is a set of two Mason jar tabletop lamps which you can actually purchase on Etsy. They’re handmade and they have a very simple design with strong industrial and rustic vibes. If you want to you can replicate the design in your own DIY project. It could be fun to add your own touch to the fixtures and maybe save some money in the process too.

Speaking of rustic-industrial designs, there’s another great handmade lamp that we’d like to show you today. It also comes from Etsy and it has a beautiful weathered wood base complemented by a metal pipe body and a Mason jar lampshade. You can use this as a desk lamp or you can keep it on your nightstand. It would also make a nice housewarming gift.

These Mason jar wall sconces are not just versatile but also very charming and cute. They work with battery-operated LED string lights so you can display them anywhere you want without any restrictions. They’re like wall decorations with a twist and you can actually also use them as vases. Of course, you either have to use fake or dried flowers. Check out the set on etsy.

Instead of spending a lot of money on store-bought pendant lamps that look simple and rustic, why not make your own? We absolutely love these particular lights and we suggest checking out apairandasparediy to find out exactly how they were made and also how you can make your own. The materials needed include rope, Mason jars, plug-in light fixtures, clear super glue and a skewer.

The last Mason jar light fixture we’re sharing with you today comes from stacyturnercreations. It’s a very charming table lamp with a cute burlap lampshade and a base that’s actually a painted jar with a distressed finish. It’s something that would look nice in the bedroom or in the living room for those evenings when you want soft ambient lighting.

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