What are the Different Mattress Sizes and Who are They Good For?

When it’s time to buy a new mattress, there are more than likely a ton of different thoughts running through your head. What kind of mattress should I get? What fabrics should I be looking for? What size would be adequate?

When the question of size arises, there are several things you should consider before taking the plunge and purchasing a new mattress. One of those specs, of course, is the size of your sleep space or bed room and how many people will be sleeping on the mattress. We’ve provided a rundown on all the imaginable mattress sizes available and who they’d be best suited for.

Small Single

The smallest of the mattress sizes, a small single, better known as a cot size, will run about 30” by 75”. This is an ideal small sized bed if you are a single person living alone in either a loft or studio apartment. This is also a great size if you need to place a bed in a bedroom for a guest or a small child. While there may not be a whole lotta room to move around in, it’s the perfect size for getting a bed into a really small space. These also fit really well in basements and attics, just in case you want to refurbish one for a bedroom.


A bit more traditional than the cot size, the twin sized bed runs about 38” by 75” and is ideal for dorm rooms or small apartments. Have a child going off for college and they are staying in an unfurnished dorm room? A twin sized bed is the ideal bed for them to sleep on and it’s not difficult to move at all. Extra bonus! You can move a twin sized bed from a house to a dorm room almost effortlessly.

Twin XL

The twin XL bed typically runs at 38” by 80”. Just a bit bigger than the traditional twin-sized bed, the twin XL provides just a little extra wiggle room. When I say a little extra, this really means you could probably share the bed comfortably with a cat or small dog. Although this size bed is not the perfect bed to sleep on with a sleep partner, it is a decent sized bed for anyone who lives alone or has a limited area to set up bedroom furniture in.


The full-sized bed is the more traditionally sized bed. Running at 54” by 75”, this bed is the staple bedroom bed and can easily and comfortably sleep one person. If you try to add two people on a full-sized bed, it can be a bit cramped, but is absolutely doable if you need. Full sized beds are also really easy to find bedding for. Almost every home décor store will have bedding for full sized beds because it’s one of the most popular sized beds you can find.

Full XL

The Full XL bed is just a bit larger than a full-sized bed at 54” by 80”. You may not think that those five inches would make much of a difference, but if you’re upgrading from a full-sized bed to a full XL bed, you could definitely tell the difference. This is a great size for one sleeper, but, like the traditional full-sized bed, this could get a bit cramped. It just depends on how you prefer to sleep and whether or not you are a cozy snuggler.


A king size bed runs at 76” by 80” and is really the luxury in mattress sizes. This is the ideal sized bed as there is so much room and so much space. Two people can fit extremely well on a king mattress and if you are a family, this is an ideal size for kids that like to snuggle up in the middle of the night or a space you can share movie night on. This is the ideal size for family fun nights and weathering out the scary thunderstorms.

California King

The California king bed is roughly set at 72” by 84”. It is the largest bed you can find in the market and can sleep up to four people if you really wanted to. California king size mattresses are commonly used for families that have children or even a couple that has a couple of dogs that like to curl up at the end of the bed. Regardless of the situation, there is plenty of space for everyone!


The standard queen size bed runs about 60” by 80” and is the more traditionally sized bed found in hotels or in bed and breakfasts. This is an easy bed to fit two people on with a little bit of room to spare. This is ideal for a young couple who doesn’t mind sleeping on a queen-sized bed or for furnishing an extra or guest bedroom. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a queen-sized bed since they are comfortable and have plenty of room.

Olympic Queen

The Olympic Queen bed runs at about 66” by 80” and is just a tad bit bigger than the standard queen size bed. Two people can fit extra comfortably on this bed and you won’t feel like you are having to crowd or squeeze in at all with this size. An Olympic queen bed is a bit bigger than a traditional queen and just a bit smaller than a king-sized bed, so there is plenty of room here.


Overall, there are so many mattress sizes to choose from, but not every size will fit every person. First, determine the space you have to work with and how comfortable you want to be. For example, if you are a single sleep who likes to move around a lot, a twin-sized bed not be great for you, but a Twin XL sized mattress would be ideal. The same goes for the larger sized beds. If you are a couple that sleeps sound throughout the night, a queen-sized mattress should do the trick. If you have a partner that likes to move around in their sleep, you may want to go ahead and order yourself a king-sized mattress so there is plenty of space.

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