Put Your Beach Treasures On Display – Beautiful DIY Seashell Crafts

Summertime means trips to the beach and while there who can resist all those beautiful shells and pebbles? Each of us probably knows how it’s like to find yourself returning from the beach with a handful of souvenirs and that’s part of what makes summer so fun and full of joy. But it would all be meaningful if you wouldn’t put these things on display so check out these lovely seashell crafts and maybe they’ll fuel your creativity.

A cute twig wreath is a lovely decoration for a coastal holiday home or even an everyday home which can be infused with some beach-inspired charm. You can decorate the wreath with seashells, starfish, pebbles and other such things which you can attach with hot glue. Keep in mind this is a pretty permanent adhesive. Check out the tutorial for this wreath on craftsbyamanda.

If you don’t mind drilling some holes in your beautiful seashells, you can use them to make a windchime. It’s a pretty simple project and it’s even more amazing if you also have a piece of driftwood and some colored pieces of glass or some beads which you can mix in with the shells just to make the design a bit more dynamic. Check out poindextr for more details.

These seashell planters look really cute too. They’re basically simple terra cotta pots decorated with shells. If you like the idea and you want to try crafting something similar, look for flat and uniform seashells next time you’re at the beach. You can attach them to a pot using a glue gun. You can find additional details about this project on billabong.

This project from consumercrafts is pretty similar to the previous one we mentioned, with the difference that this is a vase, not a planter. The shells used here are not all flat and that gives the vase a very nice and dynamic look. This vase is meant to hold faux plants and flowers, given that it’s made out of a wood craft box.

This project is featured on thespacebetweenblog and doesn’t actually include any shells. It’s made using sea glass and driftwood and it looks lovely and it suits the whole Christmas theme. Still, if you’re going for a different design, feel free to add seashells to your project as well as starfish and whatever else you brought with you from the beach.

You can also use some of those souvenirs you found on the beach to decorate a picture frame. Use a frame that has a nice flat surface with work with, wide enough for the seashells to fit comfortably. Use a glue gun to cover it up with the shells, sea glass and whatever else you decide to put on it. Check out foreverwherever for more details.

If you have a mantel, you could make a lovely decoration for it out of seashells, starfish and some rope. This one has a beautiful coastal vibe and the colors pop nicely on the dark wood backdrop. You might have to use glue or to drill holes in some pieces in order to be able to hang them. Add some beachy ornaments on the mantel for a complete decor. If you’d like to find out more about this project you can check out findinghomefarms.

Another truly beautiful project involving seashells is this door hanging featured on homemadebycarmona. To make something like this you need a few beautiful-looking seashells, some twine, a piece of driftwood and small faux succulents. You can change the design or proportions if you want to and you can also add or remove elements so the project better reflects your style.

If by any chance you can find some of these large seashells you could turn them into planters for small succulents. Together with some driftwood and extra shells you can create a beautiful coastal garden that would look amazing on the terrace, on a shelf, on the fireplace mantel or other similar areas. Check out beachcomber26 to find out more about this sort of summer project.

We already showed you how to use shells to decorate a picture frame so now let’s see how you can turn the shells, starfish and other beach treasures into the actual focal point inside the frame. This is a project that’s featured on h2obungalow and which only involves a few simple materials: cane, seashells, a frame and a hot glue gun.

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