10 Great Dining Tables Perfect For Small Spaces

It’s surprising how much you can squeeze into a space when you maximize the functionality and especially when you employ space-efficient furniture. Today we’re focusing on tables that fit in small spaces. They’re not necessarily small themselves but they’re designed to optimize the space that they occupy and they often do that in very clever ways.

The Hallie table is super compact and doesn’t take up more space than a console. Even in this form it still includes a storage drawer which is actually not that tiny. When you unfold the table it becomes big enough for the whole family so you’re really not sacrificing anything in this case. Check out the table on Wayfair.

Round tables are great because they bring people together in a way that other types of tables can’t. However, they’re not the most space-efficient, not unless they make up for that in other ways. This particular model does. This is in fact a set composed of five pieces. There’s the table and four chairs and the chairs can fit perfectly underneath the table when not in use. Check it out on Amazon.

While it looks like a perfectly stylish console when in its compact form, this is in fact a multi-functional piece which can also be used as a dining table in which case it can seat up to six people. A lot of times compromises have to be made with folding tables and that usually means a design that’s less than attractive yet it doesn’t seem to be the case here. Check out Amazon for more details.

This drop leaf table is also a great option for small spaces. It can be used in two forms, either fully extended with room on either side for chairs or in its more compact form in which case it can sit flush against the wall. You can find out more details about it on Amazon.

While this might not seem like a very space-efficient table, especially since it’s part of a set that also includes two benches, it’s all starting to make more sense once you see that the benches can fit perfectly underneath the table if you place them side by side. When arranged like that this almost looks like a set of nesting tables. You can find this set on Amazon.



A drop-leaf table and two chairs can all fit in a 74 cm by 75 cm space which is great if you have a small home and you’re only planning to use the table or the chairs occasionally. Furthermore, the table has two storage drawers and casters which make it easy to move it around as needed. Check out the details on Amazon.

With a modern design and a lot of functionality packed into a small form, the Parisot Desserte table can also function as a desk or as a kitchen island. It has designated storage compartments for all your supplies, with shelves on the front and the side. It can be placed against the wall or you can swivel it and place it at an angle, in a corner, etc. Find out more about this piece on hayneedle.

In case your living room is also your dining room, there’s no point wasting space with separate tables for each function when you can have one that does it all. Check out this awesome adjustable piece which can either be your coffee table or your dining table. The transformation is super easy and fast. Check it out on Amazon.

Speaking of tables that can take on multiple roles, you should also check out this one. It can be your main piece for the living room, dining area and even your workspace. When you don’t need it it can sit against the wall, nice and sleek just like a modern console table. You can fully unfold it and use it as a dining table or you can only use one side as your desk. Check out Amazon for more info.

When you barely have enough room for a small table, a five-piece set doesn’t really sound like a great idea even though you could definitely use one. Don’t let that discourage you. There are numerous designs, this one included, which are meant to suit small spaces. In this case, the four chairs can fit neatly underneath the tabletop and that can save you quite a bit of space. Check it out on Amazon.

Here’s yet another great table for small spaces. It’s a folding dining table with a simple, modern and very practical design. Use it as a console when you want to save space and turn it into a table at dinner time. Converting it is super easy and only takes a second. Check out this product on Amazon if you’re interested in finding out more about it.

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