75 Small Kitchen Solutions to Make Them Brighter and Space-Savvy

Kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of your home and it is one space that keeps everyone and everything else in the house running smoothly. No matter how small or large a kitchen is, there are plenty of smart solutions that help it make a whole lot brighter, space-savvy and organized. While these clever ideas are often relegated to the small and modest kitchens, they also work very well in larger kitchens that are in need of a quick makeover. Everything from mirrored finishes to nifty corner shelves and ergonomic design, can help you with this makeover.

White ceiling provides a lovely backdrop for the pendants to shine through [From: HouseUP]

This is a look at 75 kitchens that have been transformed using these clever ideas that vary from those that visually make it larger to ones that truly expand its storage and organizational capacities. Different things work in different kitchens and a lot depends on your budget, style and space constraints that you have to work around. Step in and discover the very best –

Mirrored Finishes Add Light

We always talk about making a kitchen seem much bigger than it really is. This comes by adding light to the kitchen in a proper fashion and ensuring that there are no dull corners anywhere. A good way to bring this brightness to your existing kitchen is a mirrored backsplash. These come in multiple ways – from mirrors that create a cool backsplash to painted backsplash that are uber-glossy. If the backsplash does not feel like a thing you would want to alter, then try ultra-trendy kitchen islands draped in glass surfaces. These of course, are not homes with kids or pets and see ample traffic!

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Mirrored backsplash in this traditional kitchen creates the perception of more space on offer [From: The Cousins]
Reflective brilliance of the kitchen island steals the spotlight here [From: Architology]
Shiny shade of black in the backdrop brings brightness to this small kitchen
Skylight and mirror backsplash transform this once dark and boring kitchen [From: Martins Camisuli Architects]
Small modern kitchen of Melbourne home with a mirrored backsplash [From: Individual Design & Construction]
Smart mirrored backsplash for the small white kitchen [From: Damco Kitchens]
Stunning use of mirrored surfaces in the kitchen along with outdoorsy charm to enliven the kitchen [From: RAAarchitects / Susan Murray Photography]
Gorgeous gold mirrored tiles for a sensational kitchen backsplash
It is hard to miss the class mirror backsplash in this small contemporary kitchen
Kitchen island with a mirrored finish is a showstopper indeed [From: MASSIMO interiors]

Islands on the Move

Creating space in the small kitchen means keeping things fluid and ensuring that every square footage of space is used to hilt. Most modern kitchens embrace the smart island; no matter how small they are. Instead of the conventional kitchen island, opt for one on wheels that gives the kitchen an adaptable floor plan. The island can be moved around with ease and in some designs, they can simply be tucked underneath the kitchen counter when not in use. From the slim and stylish to the versatile and modular, these islands on wheels offer great convenience even while maximizing space.

Kitchen island on wheels with breakfast bar for the small kitchen [From: Louise Lakier]
Mobile kitchen island that can be tucked away when not in use [From: Mascheroni Construction]
Open shelf space below the kitchen island helps you put away pots and pans with ease [From: Colin Cadle Photography]
Slim island on wheels for the stylish single-wall kitchen that saves space in modern apartments [From: Laurence Pidgeon]
Small kitchen in white and blue with an adaptable kitchen island on wheels! [From: aegis interior design]
Tiny white kitchen island on wheels offers design flexibility along with contemporary style
Two narrow, custom-built kitchen islands on wheels are perfect for the small kitchen
Versatile island on wheels brings counter and storage space to the small modern kitchen [From: Anastasia Faiella Interior Design]
Choose an island on wheels that adds to the color scheme of the kitchen [From: Martina Oh photography]
Custom kitchen island on wheels with pegboard offers multiple storage options [From: Sustainable Kitchens]
Glittering penny-tiled backdrop and narrow island on wheels for the small kitchen [From: Teri Fotheringham Photography]

Looking Up to Maximize Space

We are big fans of kitchens that fully utilize the wall space available and this is a great way to give the kitchen a brighter look while de-cluttering the space. Slim floating shelves are a popular option in here and they come in wide range of forms and with diverse finishes to fit in with varying styles. Wall-mounted modular cabinets are another alternative that provide closed storage options and you can even use pegboards in the kitchen to make things far more fluid.

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Series of floating shelves, closed cabinets and more make most of the wall space in this kitchen
Slim wooden shelves make most of the limited space in the modest white kitchen [From: Design Shop Interiors]
Smart shelves in the corner make the most of vertical room on offer [From: Martins Camisuli Architects]
Stunning Kitchen island with suspended shelves above [From: Actual-Size Architecture]
Wood and metal shelves hanging from the ceiling make a big impression [From: Samuel Design Group]
Adaptable shelf design ensures that the space above the countertop is utilized to the fullest [From: Illuminee Lighting]
DIY organizational idea for the small and slim kitchen
Fabulous use of sleek wooden floating shelves to maximize space
Impressive and ingenious use of space inside the small kitchen of Barcelona apartment
Metal pipe and wood floating shelves for the tiny kitchen

Time to Revamp the Kitchen Corners

Do not forget the potential that corners hold in the kitchen. This is one space that is often neglected because most homeowners cannot come up with creative solutions that maximize corners. Start with something simple like curved corner shelves and if you can add a window above them, then the kitchen would feel even more spacious. On the lower end of things, a set of sliding drawers that disappear when not in use add to the storage options on offer. A smart sink in the corner or even kitchen appliances that are placed snugly along with a series of drawers can free up space elsewhere.

Curved corner drawers make for an ergonomic addition that maximizes space
Do not neglect the ample space that corners offer in tiny kitchens
Extensive shelving transforms the small kitchen corner [From: Busby Cabinets]
Fabulous use of corner space in the kitchen with the help of shelves and drawers
Lazy Susan is a great way to maximize the corner potential
Maximizing the kitchen corners with open shelves above and closed drawers below [From: Nest Pretty Things]
More traditional approach to making most of the kitchen corners [From: Marlene Wangenheim AKBD]
Ultra-tiny kitchen with corner shelving that adds plenty of space [From: The Tiny Project]
Versatile modern corner drawers make sure every inch of space is used to the hilt
A sink in the corner along with the window above frees up space in the kitchen
Corner here holds everything from drawers and cabinet to a microwave as well!
Corner range and hood is an idea that saves precious square footage

Ceiling that Adds Height and Light

This might not be a solution for every kitchen, but a space with sliding or vaulted ceiling is one that feels a lot larger than those with flat ceilings above. A double-height kitchen always looks spacious no matter how small it is and then you always have the option of adding skylights that enliven the entire space. A ceiling dotted with skylights offers a wonderful blend of natural and task lighting in the kitchen. Serving well both aesthetically and functionally, this is a brilliant way to brighten your kitchen and quickly!

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Fabulous rustic kitchen with skylights that add style and brightness [From: Kenneth Davis Lux International]
Keeping the backdrop white adds to the spacious appeal of the kitchen
Modern farmhouse kitchen with sloped ceiling and wooden beams [From: Nar Design Group]
Perfect way to bring light and brightness to the small kitchen in white [From: Knickerbocker Group]
Skylight and double-height kitchen give this interior a spacious vibe [From: Mikhail Riches]
Smart ceiling design brings light to the traditional kitchen in white
Vaulted ceiling with skylights is a great way to add vertical space to the modest kitchen [From: David Churchill – Architectural Photographer]
Ceiling windows bring the outdoors inside to give the kitchen a spacious appeal [From: Bolton Chalklin Architects]

When the World Adds to your Kitchen!

This is another wonderful way to expand the horizons of your kitchen and give its limited space a generous face-lift. Kitchens that open up into the deck outside, rear garden or the patio just beyond are quickly becoming the norm. These not only create a seamless indoor-outdoor interface, but they also add visual space to the kitchen and make it seem a lot more spacious. If you do not have the luxury of creating this cool connection with the outdoors, add windows that bring the sights and sounds inside.

Gorgeous atrium brings light and a sense of spaciousness to the small kitchen in white
Kitchen here feels as much as an outdoor addition as it does as a part of the interior!
Lovely kitchen and dining area take in the gorgeous view on offer
Modern kitchens extend outside thanks to a seamless indoor-outdoor interplay
Reflective brilliance of sliding glass doors adds visual space to even the tiniest of kitchens
Sliding glass doors turn the modest kitchen into a spacious setting with colors of nature added to it
Small kitchen and breakfast zone connected with the pool area and deck outside at this Mexican home
Translucent glass panes bring light into this modest kitchen that also acts as workspace
Use windows and doors to open up the small kitchen if you do not have a big yard to rely on
View of the forest from the kitchen makes a big difference to its ambiance
White and the view outside bring spaciousness to this Mediterranean style kitchen
Even a small kitchen looks amazing with a view like this!
Fabulous little kitchen with polished concrete floor and plywood cabinets and walls

Ways to Declutter and Create Space

The idea of de-cluttering your kitchen to make it seem more spacious might not feel revolutionary as such. But it still is something that holds true and is often the first starting point for those who want a more efficient and space-savvy kitchen. We suggest you get rid of everything that you do not need and tuck away the rarely used pots and pans in the top shelf. A simple rack for the commonly used pots and pans helps clean up the station while ideas like pegboard walls, series of storage baskets and contains and open floating shelves combine to shape the perfect kitchen.

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Multi-level kitchen cart on wheels offers flexible storage
Pantry shelves that disappear into the walls keep the kitchen organized [From: Don Foote Contracting]
Pegboard used to hang pots and pans in the kitchen
Single-wall kitchen with multiple storage and shelf options [From: Veronica Rodriguez Interior Photography]
Smart arrangement of pots and pans in the ultra-tiny kitchen [From: Patty Kennedy Interiors]
Stunning custom unit offers multiple storage options in a small space [From: Design Harmony]
Adding a series of shelves and cabinets to improve storage options in the small kitchen
Fabulous kitchen in blue and white with custom storage unit
Hanging the pots and pans at the side of the kitchen island to save space [From: Neiman Taber Architects]
Jars, baskets and open shelves offer ample storage and display space

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