Change Your Living Room (without change the furniture) With These 3 Simple Elements

You don’t need to spend a fortune in order to give your living room a brand new look. When you enjoy how your home looks, you are instantly going to feel happier in your day-to-day life. New furniture is expensive but you can refresh your space and generally give a new vibe by making some very simple changes. This easy living room update is affordable but effective and is something that never goes out of style.

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1. Add a Beautiful Wall Gallery

A wall gallery instantly gives a room some personality and is ideal if your walls just feel like they are missing something. So how do you create a wall gallery? Print off some of your favorite photos and put them in frames before hanging them on your wall – it’s that simple. These photos can be personal to you, they can be pieces of arts, quotes or a mixture of all of these. You should then choose a space on your wall and fill it with these photos, arranged exactly how you wish. Some people like a super symmetrical wall gallery, while others prefer it to be as random as possible. If you want more insight into how wall galleries actually look, you can look for inspiration online.

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2. Accessorise With Pillows

Pillows on your sofa are not only there for comfort, they add personality to a room too. You should add pillows to your living room in a style that goes with the general decor but also show off who you are as a person. There are so many different pillows out there and any excuse to go on a home decor shopping trip sounds pretty awesome to me! The great thing about pillows is that they are super affordable and you can change them up every few months or so, in order to give your living room a fresh look.

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3. Add Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are perfect for styling your living room and give your space much more life. You Shouldn’t Use Fake Plants In Your Home, there are all different kinds of plants out there and you can use this to your advantage in terms of home decor. From trailing plants hanging from your ceiling, cute little plant pots in your windows and so much more. The popularity of plants change as the seasons change, so there will always be room to add new ones to your collection. Some plants require little maintenance while some are a little more tricky to take care off and flourish best in certain environments. Make sure that you do your research before buying plants for your home and have fun displaying them whichever way you like. Match the Right Plant with the Right Room and Bring Your Home to Life. Indoor plants is an Easy Way To Make Your Home Healthier.

You can add fresh life into your living area for an instant mood boost and a space that make you happy quick and easy and without spending too much money.

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