Modern Bedroom Shelves That Really Bring The Room Together

Although not every bedroom has them, shelved can give this room a lot of personality plus they can also be super practical and useful for storing and displaying all sorts of items including books, artwork, accessories and much more. With that in mind, we thought it might be cool to check out some of the options one can choose from when it comes to bedroom shelves and everything related to them. Have a look at the examples below and see which one would best suit your own bedroom.

A system of built-in shelves or wall nooks is very neat=looking and gives the room a clean and minimalistic appearance. In the case of this bedroom designed by studio Amos Goldreich Architecture, the shelves or nooks reveal a beautiful brick pattern which acts as a charming backdrop. The white on white combo puts accents on the pattern and texture without over complicating the design.

Structuring a set of shelves vertically can save space and can work out well in the case of small or narrow rooms. In the context of a bedroom, a vertical set of shelves might fit well right beside the bed, as a sort of built-in nightstand extension where you can keep your favorites books. Check out this design by architect Jean-Philippe Nuel and let it inspire you.

Bedroom shelves can also serve as dividers between two spaces. In this case, a shelving unit acts as a divider between the sleeping area and the en-suite bathroom, giving the room a spacious and open look. The unit goes from floor to ceiling and has a somewhat industrial appearance yet remains lightweight and minimalistic. This is a design done by studio Archetonic and features one of the most creative ways of organizing an open bedroom suite concept without relying on interior walls or any of the other usual options.

Here you can see an interesting combination between a floor lamp and a shelving unit. It’s a really cool accessory for bedrooms and a nice alternative for the typical nightstand. This is just one of the charming features of this hotel room in Fasano, Italy. There are many other interesting combos that might work even better for your own bedroom so keep an open mind and be creative.

Even a single bedroom shelf can turn out to be a great feature and can complete the decor in a way that’s not only practical and space-efficient but also aesthetically pleasing. As you can see here, this custom-designed bedroom has a long counter-style shelf area separating the headboard from the wall-mounted cabinet just above it.{found on inkiostrobianco}.

Architect Stéphanie Lizée gave this unconventional bedroom a set of simple shelves attached to the wall with L-shaped brackets. The shelves are divided into two sets of three on either side of the support column, with the top of the headboard also doubling as a shelf. They offer storage without making the already small bedroom seem even smaller.

Instead of the usual wall-mounted shelves, this bedroom has box shelves at the top of the wardrobe cabinets and stretching across, over the bed. Because they’re so high up reaching them can be challenging so a good idea is to use them to store or to display decorations or items that you only rarely require.{found on arborinarelais}.

If you’re looking for a set of bedroom shelves that are just the right mix of aesthetics and functions, check out this modern design. It’s an interesting combination of open shelves, box shelves and closed storage compartments with lots of character and a design that’s simple enough to complement just about any modern bedroom.

Studio MORIQ chose for this bedroom a cool-looking set of industrial-style shelves made out of wood and metal pipes. The shelves have different styles and proportions and they form an eye-catching wall installation that leaves room for artwork and decorations for a well-rounded interior design.

Although it’s one of the simplest bedroom designs, this one is also one of our favorites. The minimalist wall-mounted shelf centered above the bed is the highlight of the design. It’s white so it blends into the wall, allowing the items on it to become the center of attention. This is a design done by Tact Architecture.

This style of shelves is sometimes preferred for the overall simplistic look and is also quite versatile. In this particular context, the black and white combo looks elegant and has a timeless vibe which balances out the contemporary style of the shelves. This bedroom was designed by studio Mark + Vivi.

If space allows it, consider a large shelving unit similar to this one. It’s built into the wall which gives it a permanent placement and it contrasts with its surroundings which makes it pop without making it too obvious or unusually eye-catching. This is a design created by A4estudio.

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