DIY Projects You Can Make With Humble Plastic Bottles

Who would have thought plastic bottles can be so interesting? There’s a lot of cool things you can do with them instead of just throwing them away, things like cute and colorful lamps and lanterns, lovely vases, planters and even some cool art which you can put on display. You can have a look at some of these ideas and more right now.

Let’s start with a lovely little project which lets you turn plastic bottles into cute hanging lamps. These are surprisingly easy to make, as you’ll see in this video tutorial. To make plastic bottle lamps just cut the bottles in half, get rid of the bottom sections and then also cut off the narrow neck off each bottle. start gluing cord around the bottle in a tight spiral until the whole thing is covered.

Another nice project is this plastic bottle zipper case for things like pens and pencils and other similar items. You can make this case using pieces from two plastic bottles and a zipper. Be sure to check out the tutorial for more details and useful tips.

You can also turn plastic bottles into art. A cute idea comes from thesweetersideofmommyhood. Here you’ll find a tutorial showing you how to make little succulents out of green-colored plastic bottles. Sure, you won’t mistake them for the real thing but they’re still very lovely.

These hanging lanterns are also made of recycled plastic bottles and they sure look cool. The secret to making each and every one unique and different is acrylic craft paint. Have fun using a variety of different types of bottles with different shapes and sizes to get a fun little cluster of lanterns. Check out handmadecharlotte to find out more about this project.

Another really great idea is to turn plastic bottles into little organizers for things like cotton balls, q-tips, hair pins and other small items. Take a bottle and place a rubber band around it, then trace a line either above or below the band using a sharpie pen. Cut the bottle along the line and then touch the bottles to a hot iron for a few seconds at a time to get a smooth surface and to melt any imperfections. This idea comes from alittlecraftinyourday.

This adorable cat planter is also made out of a humble plastic bottle. The first step here is to actually draw the cute cat shape on the bottle using a sharpie pen and then you have to cut along the line which is definitely the hardest part of the project. After that though it’s all fun and games. Be sure to check out trytrytry if you want more details.

Remember the little succulent art project we mentioned before? This one is quite similar to that. It’s a mini terrarium for a tiny little faux succulent made out of a piece of recycled plastic bottle. If you want to find out how this was made you check out pillarboxblue.

This little gift box is also made out of a plastic bottle. A Coca Cola bottle would work best for this because of its shape. In addition to that, you’ll also need a craft knife, scissors, a rubber band, a small hole punch and some decorations such as little pom-poms, ribbons and other things. You can find extra details on mypoppet.

You can make these plastic bottle votives for your Christmas decor this year. Of course, you can also customize them with a different design to suit other occasions as well. In any case, you should only use these with battery-operated candles. Check out handmadecharlotte to find out the details.

Sometimes when you get some flowers and you have no vase to put them in, the easiest solution is to cut off the top of a plastic bottle and just use that as a vase. That’s a temporary solution but if you want to you can make something more permanent using plastic bottles, some primer, spray paint and tape. For more details, you can check out the project on theseamanmom.

Here’s yet another lovely projects that shows you how to turn colored plastic bottles into cacti lanterns. You’ll definitely need green bottles for this and for the little flowers you can use whatever colors you prefer. If you can’t find colored bottles you can always just paint some. This project comes from look-what-i-made.

Speaking of flowers, you should also check out this adorable little project from makermama. You can make these plastic bottle flowers for the kids to play with or you can add them to your beautiful garden.

Of course, not all of these projects require you to cut off the bottles. This one from petticoatjunktion for example lets you just keep the bottles as they are and just paint them. That’s enough to turn a simple bottle into a cute vase. You can also put several together to create a cluster of vases.

You can also use plastic bottles for some cool large-scale projects, like this urban vertical garden featured on thisiscolossal. This was made using hundreds of recycled soda bottles, each turned into a little hanging planter. Together they cover up a huge wall.

The bottoms of plastic bottles look like flowers and you can take advantage of that to make some adorable crafts. An idea is to make a DIY jewelry stand like this one featured on epbot. It has four tiers, each made from a plastic bottle. It’s great for rings, earrings and small jewelry in general.

Plastic bottle planters can also look great individually and don’t necessarily have to be a part of a huge vertical garden like the one we mentioned earlier. You can hang these little flower containers on trees or keep them out on your porch or even inside your home. Check out crissyscrafts for more details.

Don’t have a sprinkler for your backyard? No worries, you can make one within minutes out of a simple plastic bottle. It’s just a little something you can make for the kids or your pets in summer. You can check out clevercraftycookinmama to find out exactly how this works.

Did you know you can grow mushrooms at home? It’s not the easiest thing in the world but it can be done and you can also upcycle a plastic bottle (or more) in the process. Since this project is quite complex, you should head over to apieceofrainbow to check out all the details.

Self-watering planters are super cool and although there are some pretty fancy and expensive ones out there you can also make your own simplified version using nothing more than just two plastic bottles and some cotton string. The idea come from diyhowto.

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