Beautiful Leaf Crafts Just In Time For Autumn

It’s important every once in a while to just enjoy the little things in life. Stop and smell the roses as they say or look up and admire the trees. Their leaves are so beautiful and you can do a lot of cool things with them. I used to preserve them in books when I was little and they were so delicate and so intricate that it really made your mind wander. Today we’re going to have a look at some amazing leaf crafts that capture some of that beauty in their designs.

The first thing we’re going to check out is these beautiful leaf string lights that are just exquisite. This is a perfect DIY project for fall. To make a beautiful leaf garland just like this one you’re going to need the following supplies: Shrinky dinks, permanent markers, leaf stencils, scissors, parchment paper, string lights, a hot glue gun and an oven.

This faux metal leaf centerpiece might just fool you for a second. At closer look it becomes evident that it’s actually a mirror decorated with a bunch of metal sheet leaves. To make this happen, you’re to need a die cutting machine in order to make leaf-shaped die cuts out of metal sheets.

A few faux leaves and some gold wire is all you need to decorate a basket and turn into a fall decoration. It’s a lovely way to spruce up already existing objects. For example, you could do this for your regular old basket that you keep extra blankets in or the veggie basket from the kitchen. It’s a nice little DIY project for fall.

Aren’t these faux leaf and pumpkin hooks adorable? They’re custom made out of plaster and then painted. The secret is to find silicone molds with these shapes. Of course, you can also use this project as an inspiration source for your own custom-themed wall hooks.

You can also use faux leaves to make candle votives. These ones look like tiny little bowls made out of leaves. If you want to try this for yourself you’ll need a small bowl, plastic wrap and Mod Podge. The shape of the bowl is important as it will dictate the shape of the votive.

There’s something about simple leaf branches that’s very refreshing and charming. The sad thing is they don’t last forever and as the color fades so does the beauty of the original decor. However, crepe paper leaves don’t wither which makes it a very cool project.

You can also use crepe paper to make a beautiful and colorful fall garland just like the one featured on thehousethatlarsbuilt. You can use a leaf template and alternate the colors or play around with different templates for even more diversity.

Real leaves can be used to create these elegant napkins featured on allthingsgd. It’s a super simple project for which you only need a few fresh leaves, some craft paint, a paintbrush, a rolling pin, paper towels and of course the napkins.

Another nice idea for the dinner table is to make leaf placemats. For that you need faux leaves, Mod Podge, a sponge brush, plastic wrap and something heavy. The project is described in detail on thestylesafari. Feel free to mix and match any type of leaves that you like.

A paper leaf and branch mobile would look nice anywhere you decide to put it. Hang it on a wall in the living room, the entryway, the bedroom or your home office to add a bit of autumn-inspired charm to the decor. Check out happinessishomemade to find out how it’s made.

Use leaves to decorate a foam/ cardboard/ wood letter and turn that into a nice monogram decoration. You could hang it on the door as a sort of wreath alternative or display it on a shelf. Either way, it’s a very simple and versatile project and you can find out more about it on thethriftyabode.

You can make leaves out of crepe paper and they look pretty cute and have a nice texture but there are also lots of other ways to make pretty leaves. For example, you could make them out of old maps. You can then use them to decorate your fall wreath. This is an idea which comes from pillarboxblue.

Another idea is to paint the leaves to make them stand out more. Metallic colors would look pretty cool. The idea comes a project featured on madincrafts which explains how you can use the leaves to make a beautiful metallic wreath for your front door.

It could also be nice to just make something abstract and simple, something that you can display on a wall. The fall leaf wall hanging project featured on akailochiclife is exactly what we mean by that. To make this you need a 12” macrame hoop, some white yarn, wood leaf cutouts, acrylic craft paint, a hot glue gun and a paintbrush.

These rocks have cute little leaves on them. It’s such a lovely project and also one that you can do on a budget. You might not get it right from the first try especially since you haven’t used gold leaf before but don’t let that discourage you. Check out countryhillcottage for tips.

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday: a paper lead and mandarin garland. It’s definitely an unusual idea and we love it. The mandarin slices have the scent of autumn and the paper leaves look really fresh and delicate. Check out abeautifulmess to find out more about this project.

The paper leaf wreath featured on happinessiscreating looks absolutely amazing. We love the colors and the delicate frame and we can’t wait to try this project ourselves. Feel free to customize your wreath with your own favorite colors.

You’re probably wondering where you could possibly find a leaf-shaped bowl just like this one. Well, you don’t buy it but you actually make it. The whole process is described in detail on daintydressdiaries. The secret is air dry clay and beautiful leaves from the garden.

Some leaves are just so beautiful you want to frame them so why don’t you? You could do that with real leaves (dried ones are best) or with faux leaves which you can make out of paper or whatever material you prefer. Check out liagriffith to get an idea of how that would look like.

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