Where And How To Use Sliding Barn Doors – 12 Creative Ideas

If you’re thinking that a barn door would be able to add character to your home and make it more inviting and cozy you’d be exactly right. Barn doors have a distinctive rustic allure but can also look modern or industrial if this is the style you prefer. Barn door hardware kits allow you to create your own custom setup, giving you lots of freedom when it comes to the design and placement. Furthermore, they can be used in a lot of interesting and creative ways, some of which you wouldn’t even expect.

A sliding barn door for the bathroom

The more you think about this, the more it’s starting to make perfect sense. Bathrooms are not usually inviting or very comfortable, at least not in the same way a living room or a bedroom would be. However, choosing a sliding barn door for it instead of a regular hinged door can make a big difference in this sense.

Cozy bedroom doors

Similarly, sliding barn doors are perfect for bedrooms as they add warmth to the decor and they help make the space feel more inviting and comfortable. At the same time, they’re ideal for rustic or farmhouse-style interiors.

Space-efficient pantry door

Another advantage of sliding barn doors is the fact that they can be quite space-efficient in certain situations and scenarios. For example, such a door would suit the kitchen pantry. It would be easy to operate and it would never be in the way, not even when it remains open.

Charming kitchen setup

Sliding barn doors are a great way of making utilitarian spaces feel more inviting. A good example is the kitchen. Barn doors would bring not only an aesthetic advantage but also a practical one.

Hiding space for appliances

This kitchen features a really cool design. It uses a sliding door as a sort of divider, a panel that can hide a section of the kitchen, concealing the appliances. This is a space designed by Robson Rak Architects in collaboration with Made by Cohen.

Wall TV hidden behind doors

Remember those antique cabinets that had TVs built into them? Well this is sort of like that but in a more modern version. These sliding barn doors conceal the wall-mounted TV and the console beneath it, creating a distraction-free sitting area.

A reading room behind closed doors

Sliding barn doors are also great for creating a separate reading room within the main living area. In this scenario the reading room would be a small extension of the living space which can either be left open or hidden behind closed doors.{found on christianrice}.

Walk-in closet doors

Sliding barn doors and walk-in closets go hand in hand. The combination is very practical and very space-efficient plus it also makes sense from an aesthetic point of view as walk-in closets are usually a part of a bedroom setup.{found on castleconstructionofsb}.

Actual barn doors

Obviously, sliding barn doors are an absolute must if you’re designing a barn or a farmhouse shed, as beautifully exemplified here by peter c quin architect. We love how authentic the barn looks and also that it has a nice updated vibe, with modern influences.

Sliding garage doors

Use sliding barn doors for the garage for a nice, unexpected design twist. This is actually a good option in case regular garage doors don’t suit the style of your home or if the system can’t be installed for various reasons.{found on stonecreekbuilding}.

Sliding doors for extra privacy

Here’s an idea that we haven’t thought of before: adding an extra set of doors for more privacy. It makes sense for houses that have glass front doors. It’s a nice security feature plus it looks quite nice.{found on yankeebarnhomes}.

Indoor accessories

Sliding barn doors are very versatile, as demonstrated by all the beautiful ideas mentioned above. They can be used both indoor and outdoor and their role can be both a practical or an aesthetic one. Another cool idea is to use a sliding door as a sort of privacy screen or a shutter.

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