15 Amazing Homes With Nets Instead Of Floors

Of all the things that could make a house stand out, nets are one of the most unusual and intriguing options. No, we’re using any metaphors, we’re talking about actual nets. Most commonly we see them suspended between floors or in areas with high ceilings to create giant hammocks, net floors that you can lie on and relax and that kids find super fun, a feature worthy of a cool room decor. But why try to explain it in words when we can actually show you? Below you can find 15 of the most amazing homes that have nets as part of their interior designs.

This is a beautiful family home that Austin Maynard Architects designed in 2018, a forever house as its owners call it, located in Melbourne, Australia. The project’s main goal was to renovate and extend an existing two-storey house and its garden. Wanting to preserve the historical beauty of the area, the architects left the facade untouched. On the inside, however, they made a lot of changes and added a lot of cool new features, including this net by one of the upstairs windows, hanging between the front door and the spiral staircase.

Austin Maynard Architects are also responsible for another amazing project, this time a tower house that they designed for a couple and their twin sons. It’s a project that brings people, art and nature together in a harmonious and organic way. The house has, among other cool things, a net that stretches across the tall and narrow space. It creates a lovely place for reading and meditating and it also adds a fun touch to the design.

Designed by the architects at a21studio, this is a house located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam which celebrates the beauty of the past while looking excitedly towards the future. What’s really interesting is the way in which this alleyway has been transformed into a seamless extension of the indoor living spaces. Furthermore, a net stretches across with a small tree actually growing right through.

Designed as a retreat for family and friends, this house has a pretty great layout and a really cozy interior that also looks clean, airy and modern. It’s not a combination we see often and there’s a lot more to talk about in this case, like the wonderful location, the views and the cool way in which the house takes advantage of them. A particularly quirky feature is the net floor section that lets one have fun, unwind and admire the surroundings at the same time. This is house was designed by Jean-Yves Rouleau and is located in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Canada.

The 7th room is a unique hotel located in Sweden. It sits among the trees quite literally and it definitely makes the most of the amazing views that unfold around it. It also has this cool patio area which basically consists of a net with a pine that grows right through it. You can climb up here and either lie on your back to admire the sky the treetops or look downwards to check out the view below.

Another cool house with a net was designed by Andrew Michler and is located in the Rocky Mountains, in the US. It’s a beautiful house with a timber shell and a simple design which follows a modern aesthetic. It’s similar to an off-grid cabin in a lot of ways and that of course means that it’s surrounded by nature and its infinite beauty. The net is quite small and forms a little nook above the entrance.

The Uniplaces headquarters in Lisbon has a huge net that forms a suspended area above the workspace. This area can be accessed via a set of stairs and is where employees can either come to relax and take a break, discuss things, brainstorm but also work. The net is scattered with pillows and given the office a super fun and casual look. This was a project by Paralelo Zero.

Nets are fun and surprisingly versatile and there are actually plenty of ways in which you can add them to your own home, whether it’s a house or a loft apartment. Nets let you create very casual relaxation areas by taking advantage of the high ceiling or attic space. They’re chic and modern and they maintain an airy and light appearance throughout the space. Check out revedecombles for more inspiration.

When studio Onion was approached to design a holiday home which doesn’t really behave like a typical house, they took the challenge head on and managed to do an amazing job at making this one of the most unique and inspiring projects we’ve come across. The house is located in Cha-am, Thailand and is basically a giant playground. The nets encourage everyone to play and interact with each other and also give the house lots of character while keeping the decor minimalist.

Although nets can be super fun, they also offer other advantages when it comes to interior design and decor. In the case of this tiny 20 square meter space from Moscow, Russia, a series of ents were used to maintain a good air flow and visual connections between the floors and the different areas without compromising on safety, looks or style. This was an amazing project completed in 2016 by studio Ruetemple.

Nets are also an integral part of a hostel located in Bangkok, Thailand. This was a restoration and redesign project developed by the designer team IF (Integrated Field). Their main goal was to preserve as much of the original structure as possible while also restructuring and transforming it. The nets give the guests a place to hang out and relax in a rather unconventional way.

The inspiration for the interior design of this house in Calgary, Canada came from a deep love for the outdoors and a desire to play and to enjoy a bright and airy environment. It was a project developed by studio RNDSQR. They tried to be as much of the outdoors inside as possible so they gave the house large windows, a light color palette, natural materials and a hammock floor above the entryway. It doubles as a skylight and it’s a fun and cozy nook.

A strong connection between the indoor and the outdoor is one of the defining characteristics of this family home from Sukumo, Japan. The house was a project by Container Design and sits on a small hill in a quiet and peaceful residential area. The designers were careful to plan everything according to the owner’s lifestyle and desires so they included this rope net, suspended between floors, both indoor and outdoor.

Like many other houses in Japan, this one is small and full of surprises. It was built on a narrow plot in Mukō-shi by ALTS Design Office and it’s a collection of three boxes which form a series of separate spaces on the inside. These spaces are interconnected in unexpected ways and make the entire house seem bigger and more complex than the minimalist exterior suggests. The net suspended between the floors is a particularly nice feature.

This house in Thailand has a great way of organizing all its internal spaces and of creating connections between different areas while also establishing boundaries. This bedroom is our favorite space. It has a workspace below, a tall bookcase along the wall and a loft bed at the top, on a wooden platform. There’s a net that acts as a hammock-like floor section, with glass panels alongside it. This was a project completed by studio IF (Integrated Field).

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