15 Modern Fall Wreath Ideas With a Cozy Vibe

Autumn is here and that means it’s once again time to make our homes look extra cozy by replacing all those breezy summer decorations with something better suited for fall. A wreath would be a great start and as always we’re prepared to share with you some of our favorite fall wreath ideas for this year. We’re gravitating towards simple designs that make use of natural resources and the beautiful and unique autumnal color palette.

This fall wreath you can make in just a few minutes. It’s just a simple grapevine wreath decorated with a bunch of very basic and simple things that you should be able to find in supermarkets. If you want to personalize your project a bit more, look for supplies in your own garden. Check out craftberrybush for more details.

Isn’t this wreath adorable? Those cute colorful flowers are actually pinecones. This would be to be one of the most interesting ways on using pinecones in a DIY project and the idea comes from hearthandvine. Paint the pinecones in autumnal colors to really capture the beauty of this season.

A wood slice wreath would fit nicely in a minimalist, contemporary setup although it would also be easy to give it a rustic appearance as well. Keep the design simple and avoid covering up the wood slices with lots of ornaments. After all, they’re what makes the wreath special in the first place.

For a chic and glamorous vibe, use metallic colors to make your fall wreath look extra stylish. This wreath featured on madincrafts for example is made using faux leaves and a wire wreath form. Three or four different metallic shades should be enough to make your wreath look amazing.

How about a fall wreath that isn’t your typical round decorations but more of a wall hanging kind of ornament? You could make something wonderful using only a copper pipe, some yarn and a few fall-themed ornaments. This is a project featured on hunker.

Another cool way of making a simple wreath look special is to give it a monogram design. Unless your letter is O this will definitely stand out. a very inspiring example can be found on grillo-designs. We absolutely love how simple and at the same time very chic and stylish this wreath looks.

This cornstalk wreath featured on deliacreates is your more typical kind of fall project. It’s something that would look lovely in a rustic or traditional setting or if you’re planning a farmhouse-themed decor for your entryway.

This charming fall wreath featured on lovecreatecelebrate is perfect for minimalist homes. It’s simple without too many colors or details and it has an asymmetrical design. Also, it’s very easy to make. You need an embroidery hoop, some white spray paint, a bit of glue and some faux florals and you’re done.

Using pumpkins as decorations for fall-themed projects can seem a bit boring but not if you give them a beautiful gradient design. It’s a very cool idea which comes from danslelakehouse. The materials needed here include a grapevine wreath, plastic pumpkins, spray paint in two or three different nuances and a hot glue gun.

Another cool idea for including a pumpkin in the design of your fall wreath comes from craftaholicsanonymous. This is just your basic grapevine wreath decorated with berry and leaf garlands and with some wide orange ribbon wrapped around it and at the center there’s a white craft pumpkin cut in half with a small gold monogram on it.

Not a fan of pumpkins? Use apples instead. You could make a full apple wreath and it could look amazing. All you have to do is glue a bunch of faux apples onto a styrofoam wreath and then fill the gaps with moss. Hang it with a piece of burlap on your front door or on a wall. Check out thewoodgraincottage for more details.

Here’s another version of a wood slice fall wreath, this time with a little bit more rustic charm. The project starts with a flat wooden wreath form on which you glue wood slices on two layers. Then add a big wire burlap ribbon and a bunch of dried flowers and branches and glue them to the front of the wreath, slightly off-center. You can find more details on findinghomefarms.

As you may already suspect, this fall wreath is made using a macrame hoop.  Two stems of orange berries and four stems of yellow and respectively red flowers are attached to the hoop using floral wire. It’s such a simple and beautiful project you’re probably wondering why you didn’t think of this yourself until now. Check out simplydesigning if you need more details.

Another beautiful fall wreath design idea comes from threadsandblooms and this time it’s a bohemian-looking wreath. It’s made using grapevine, thin wire, dried flowers and plants and pruning sheers. Your wreath will look different and unique and it’s all based on the decorations you decide to use and how you mix and match them.

Finally, all those wine corks you’ve been saving can be used in a project and what a project it is! This flower wreath is absolutely adorable and you can customize it with your own favorite colors if you want to. A fall-themed color palette suits it nicely. You can find more details on designimprovised.

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