10 Sectional Sofa Beds With Great Charisma

Should you or should you not get a sectional sofa bed for your home? This is a questions that many of us are confronted with and which doesn’t really have a definite answer. We’re inclined to recommend sofa beds and that’s because they offer a series of big advantages over regular sofas and don’t really have many downsides. For example, sectional sofa beds are great for small rooms and are also very convenient whenever you have unexpected guests. I guess the question at the end of the day would be “why not get a sofa bed?”

Contrary to what some might believe, sofa beds are not always big. The Divano Roma for example is very compact and slender and can successfully be incorporated in even the tiniest living room. The best part about it is that you can convert it into a bed and with ease which actually also makes it great for spaces such as a guest bedroom or maybe even a home office that could occasionally serve as an extra bedroom.

The more typical sofa bed sectional has a familiar L shape and a pull-out drawer under the seat which reveals an extra mattress. The Aashis sectional featured here has these elements and more. Its most noticeable feature is the armrest which has these clever built-in storage nooks for things like phones, chargers, books and other small items.

Not all sofa beds extend the same way. Some might have pull-out drawers underneath while others could have backrests that fold down such as in this case. It’s important to pick the right type of mechanism for your space so it works with your layout and also so that it’s convenient and practical for you. Check out more details about this tufted sofa bed on Amazon.

This is the Novogratz Brittany sectional sofa. It has this ribbed tufted back cushion which gives it a really cool and interesting look. The backrest folds down allowing the sofa to be easily converted into a bed. The design as a whole is modern and elegant, especially with those sleek tapered legs that give the sectional a lightweight look.

Sectional sofa beds come in all sorts of different styles and materials and with lots of different finishes and colors. If you like leather there are plenty of options including this very elegant and modern design featured on Amazon. It looks sleek and elegant both as a sofa and as a bed.

The Funrelax sectional features a solid wooden frame hidden beneath elegant leather upholstery and sleek metallic accent details. The design is contemporary and ergonomic as well as very practical. Consider this stylish L-shaped sectional for small living rooms where it can add a lot of functionality without taking up lots of space.

Another compact and elegant design is featured by the Esofastore sectional which can be easily converted into a bed by pulling out the extra underseat section. It’s simple and versatile, with a design that remains casual while also having a sophisticated allure. The ivory nuance gives it a contemporary vibe which inspires comfort.

If light colors don’t really suit your living room, consider something going to the dark side. A wonderful option would be this Summer sofa bed which features dark blue fabric upholstery on a wooden frame. You can match the sofa to your drapes or add some artwork on the wall to create a cohesive decor. The section is very comfortable both as a regular sofa and as a bed.

Usually a convertible sofa can function as a bed if needed but doesn’t really look like one. There are of course a few exceptions. If you like the look and modularity that come with this design, consider Fulton convertible sofa bed which lets you play around with modules to create the perfect sitting arrangement. You can also rearrange the pieces to convert the sofa into a bed.

Versatility is a huge component in the design of every convertible sectional and the Gold Sparrow Aspen sofa bed takes great advantage of that. It features a very simple and contemporary design which puts an emphasis on the clean geometry of the piece without neglecting comfort.

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