Magnificent Designs And Concepts Centered Around The Modern Fireplace

While some interior design elements and trends disappear over time, others adapt and transform. A good example is the fireplace which has never really gone out of style. It’s still wonderful to have a fireplace and there are lots of types and styles to choose from. Modern fireplaces have a charming simplicity to them and are often the focal points of the spaces that they’re in. Together we can find inspiration in the examples below.

A modern fireplace can have an almost sculptural appearance and this is something that studio Philipp Architekten emphasizes in this design. The fireplace even has a prominent position in the room but even so it doesn’t overpower the space.

A lot of modern fireplaces are built into walls which is a really great idea. This works out perfectly if you’re planning to have your furniture custom-designed. Squeezing a fireplace into your plans should be easy as long as there’s enough room for one. Let this design by Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects inspire you.

This right here is another wonderful way of taking full advantage of a modern fireplace. The fireplace and the structure which frames it nicely delineate this cozy reading corner from the rest of the social plan. This clever idea comes from a project completed by studio designfunktion in Nuremberg, Germany.

The fireplace is the main focal point of this entire area which is part of the Akelarre Hotel from San Sebastian, Spain. This is a zone where guests can come to read, relax and socialize. The fireplace is positioned at the center taking a prominent position on the bookcase wall and being framed in black marble which extends to the sides. This was a project by studio Mecanismo.

Some modern fireplaces are quite similar to sculptures. The one in this residence designed by studio 123DV is a very good example. It has two sections, one of which is attached to the ceiling while the other is on the ground and extends to form a divider between the spaces.

A great way to take advantage of a fireplace, no matter what the style is, is to have comfortable sofas or armchairs placed on either side of it, so together they can form a cozy and inviting sitting area. A coffee table at the center and perhaps some poufs or footstools would complete the design. Architecture studio Bohlin Cywinski Jackson used a similar strategy when they designed this house in Aspen.

Another cool feature sometimes associated with fireplaces is the firewood storage area. In modern and contemporary designs this takes the form of a sleek and stylish nook built into a wall or somehow attached to the fireplace itself. The vertical design featured here by architect Fabio Borello is both elegant and space-efficient.

Interior designer Guillaume da Silva gave this residence from Belgium a sunken living room. The concept alone is enough to give the space a welcoming and comfortable appearance. It’s all augmented in this case thanks to the modern fireplace which is placed at the very bottom of the custom storage unit. This actually puts it at the perfect height in relation to the sitting area.

This gorgeous fireplace beautifully adds a physical barrier between the sitting area and the dining room and kitchen area. However, similar to an island, it doesn’t block the view completely and that’s a cool way of maintaining visual harmony without completely getting rid of the internal walls. This is a project completed by WillemsenU Architecten.

Here’s another example of a modern fireplace wonderfully embedded into a space dividing wall. It allows for a little window which connects the spaces and it can enjoyed from both sides which makes a lot of sense in the case of many open plan living areas. This is a project completed by Fougeron Architecture In New York.

Two modern interior designs are rarely similar. This right here is a space which has a strong industrial vibe mostly due to the accent wall. The fireplace is built into the one but doesn’t occupy a central position. Instead, it sits in a corner, next to a cozy sitting nook. This is a layout that studio Building Bloc Design came up with.

A fireplace actually offers the perfect solution for seamlessly yet efficiently separating two areas within the same floor plan. A common option is to have the fireplace encased into a wall which can act as a partial divider. This particular design right here is a perfect example. It was created by OSA architettura.

The whole room divider and built-in fireplace idea can also be a viable option even if you don’t have much space to work with in the first place. This, for example, is a house designed by studio 01ARQ. The fireplace is encased into a concrete frame with a little storage nook on the side for firewood.

Speaking of fireplaces and firewood storage nooks, check out this other beautiful design this time created by studio Hennebery Eddy Architects. It’s an entire wall built around the fireplace and everything related. The marble mantel is a very elegant detail.

One of the things that’s wonderful about modern fireplaces in general is the fact that they can be so easily and seamlessly integrated into all sorts of custom designs. This project done by architect Joel Sanders is just one example. The fireplace is encased into a space-dividing wall covered in reclaimed wood, just like the floors and which extends all the way up into the double-height space.

A two-section fireplace adds character to this already super cozy living area designed by Fabio Gianoli. There’s plenty of room at the bottom for storing firewood and other things plus this also works as a table of sorts. Add lamp, maybe some ornaments too to complete the decor.

This house designed by studio 123DV totally embraces the concept of custom-designed furniture. In the living room there’s a black and white unit with hidden storage compartments, open shelves and a modern fireplace built into it, right next to the TV.

You can’t really go wrong with a modern fireplace, especially when you can basically put it anywhere and you can make it look natural in any setting. We love the sculptural approach featured in this amazing project completed by Stevens Lawson Architects.

Marble is not often used on fireplaces but then again this is no ordinary fireplace. Sure, it’s not the most space-efficient design but it does stand out more than others and that’s definitely something you can take advantage of if you have the space. This gorgeous living room setup is something that studio Live Incorporadora came up with for a villa in Brazil.

Lastly, a very quirky approach to the whole modern fireplace concept. It’s a design created by Gogl Architekten as part of a larger project: Hotel Wiesergut located in Hinterglemm, Austria. The entire fireplace has a certain rugged appearance without taking it too far and that’s something we can definitely appreciate.

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