Cool Ideas To Steal If You Want A Red Kitchen

Powerful colors and kitchens mix well together and red is a strong nuance, often overlooked or ignored exactly because of that. In the hopes to offer you some inspiration and to show that a red kitchen can in fact look very stylish and glamorous we’re going to check out a few designs and see what makes each stand out.

Red is a surprisingly versatile color which can blend nicely with a variety of styles. Red kitchen cabinets are the way to go if you’re serious about adding color to this space. A nice compromise is to have red cabinets for the lower section of the kitchen and white or neutral-colored ones for the upper section to avoid overwhelming the decor with too much color. Check out opulentcottage to see how this would look like in a cozy farmhouse-style kitchen.

A good strategy is to balance out the red cabinets with other more neutral-colored elements. This apartment from Bucharest designed by Studio 1408 introduces shades of grey, white and wood to give this spacious kitchen a pleasant and glamorous appearance.

The red kitchen also looks gorgeous in the context of this stylish Italian home designed by CAFElab. The red is deep and has a matte finish which makes it even more elegant. Framed by nuances of gray and white, the red furniture gives the kitchen a dynamic and exciting vibe.

Red is a warm color and you can take advantage of that, especially if you also use lots of wood in your design. A great example in this case is a project completed by RMT Architects. They set up this beautiful kitchen in a vintage-looking farmhouse-style house and it looks wonderful.

Red kitchen cabinets with a glossy finish have a certain glamorous vibe and look very beautiful especially when framed by crisp white walls or, in this case, large windows. This is a design created by Gomez de la Torre y Guerrero Arquitectos. The entire house featured shades of red in various different forms.

The kitchen in this case is almost like a totally separate and independent structure which happens to be placed here in the context of the living area. The red really makes it pop and look clean and modern in combination with white. The exposed brick walls around the kitchen add texture and character to the entire space. This is a design by Studio Plan.

Red combined with light color tones is a good look but then again darker nuances look beautiful next to red as well. It’s a matter of preference and context. Also, there are numerous different shades of red which you can play with and all sorts of textures and patterns to consider. Check out this example by DLB Custom Home Design for inspiration.

Red can be your primary kitchen color and you can use it in combination with other warm colors to create a harmonious decor. An interesting example is this eclectic kitchen remodeled by studio Corvallis. The lighting is in tone with the decor and adds a nice touch to the space.

Because red is such a powerful color, using it in large doses can become overwhelming so it’s important to balance out the red with neutrals. Black and white are always good options so consider a combination of red cabinets, white walls and black countertops.

On the other hand, using red in small doses is a great strategy as well. Red can be the accent color for the kitchen and can look beautiful in combination with natural wood, white, beige and other such options. This kitchen is a perfect example. It has a red island with a matching range hood while everything else is more on the neutral side without being too simple.

Here you can see how a red kitchen with a traditional design could look like. The grey backsplash and countertop add a nice modern touch to the design while the golden accents create a vintage vibe. The floor tiles are beautiful as well and they help create a warm and welcoming ambiance in the room. This is a design by Tsupikov Nikolay.

In a contemporary kitchen, red accents can create a very beautiful classical vibe, especially if you add a few old-school details. For a clean and stylish look consider white walls and a few elements such as some exposed bricks for example. The result would actually be quite eclectic. Check out this kitchen by Interior Design Roma as an example.

This right here is another interesting approach. This time red is combined with cool white lighting, white walls and floors and stainless steel appliances which have a huge impact on the design. This is a space designed by ODA Architecture.

Last on our list is of course another red kitchen, a spacious one with lots of character. The cabinets and island are all red with black and white countertops and the floor and ceiling are covered in two different types of wood. Also, lots of windows create a breezy and airy decor.

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